Revised Artwork and T-shirt designs for Clutching at Straws Anniversary Tour


From Fish’s Fb page today.

Mark Wilkinson and I have had a rethink on the t shirt designs for the December tour. The polo shirt has been ditched as the embroidery couldn’t capture the detail we’ve hoped for. We have also changed the design as the ‘flower border’ wasn’t working and switched the colour to blue. We also decided to add another shirt to replace the polo and are going for the ‘Prog’ magazine front cover artwork on black on both a T shirt and a sweat shirt. What do you think?


Top one is a must. Love it.


definitely will buy both!!!



Much improved on the previous design!


Love the top one.
Not sure about the blue and red.


I love the black one not so keen on the blue , should have done it in white like the original design.


Blue doesn’t suit me.


what kind of other stuff will we find on the merch stand ?



Martinis :open_mouth: ?


Warm Wet Circles underwear?


But I’ve already got warm…

I’ll get my coat…


You beat me to that one liner.:laughing:


I like the black design. Not a fan of the cocktail glass one but I think it looks better on blue compared to the original design.


The glass is white. It would look better on black, with a white Fish logo too.


Can’t go wrong with black. It’s slimming.


The black one is amazing and I will be buying one for the Glasgow gig if on sale before hand!
Polo shirts are not for me anyway;)




I’d prefer tour dates but can understand why it wouldn’t be financially viable for an 11 date tour, but then the extra dates for Farewell to Childhood were added to the tour shirts from then and I think that was only around 12 dates or so?


Definitely Needs Tour dates, a lot of people on Fb are of the same agreement.