Revised Artwork and T-shirt designs for Clutching at Straws Anniversary Tour


I don’t like that much tour dates on the back of a T-shirt…I’ve always found this useless…All I need is a nice artwork that I’m proud to wear :slight_smile:



Here are the Finished T-Shirt Designs from Fish’s Fb page yesterday.

T-shirts have tour date back prints but the Sweatshirt doesn’t.
“Just for the Record” :wink: Both T-shirt back prints will include the Stifling Warm up gig as well.


Definitely will be getting the top one :wink:


The black and the blue for me :thumbsup:



Just about all of them then Anthony :wink:


They look superb!


So when are they available? Has it been said?


Not as yet Paul, the Designs have only been agreed on, so probably November onwards at a guess regards to Printing Process etc…


The ‘Clutching’ t-shirt was originally described as black (not for me - i’ve far too many black shirts already), however the pic above looks more dark grey/charcoal.

Coul someone confirm the colour as i’d be up for anything that is not black.


I noticed this. Second image looks slate grey, but I’d be up for either.


Just read Fish post and the ‘Clutching’ album cover t-shirt is grey. :grin:


Even better…I’m fed up with black T’s too :blush:



Love the t-shirt designs, but why is there a ‘th’ suffix after the Sun 17 date when it doesn’t appear after any other date listed?


Will they be available on line? I’m in Brazil and I intend to order both. The blue one is amazing!!! =)


Fish has said they should be online sometime in November :slight_smile:


Posted by Sandy last Saturday on FB.

… and a short video.


Sandy just posted this on Fb!
Thoughts everyone ??


Nice. I’m being picky, but possibly would have preferred straight edges to the design/artwork.


Not fan about the finished artwork



I’m still hoping it’s in black with the bigger print, like the original sweatshirt design.