Some gigs coming up


I’ve taken the plunge (BCC), I saw them the first time round and they were fantastic, I know I’d regret it when the gig arrives, if I hadn’t been there :roll_eyes:
You only live once !!! Make the most of it :wink:


You reckon that they won’t have fallen out by January then?


With Mr Ego Hughes who knows ? :wink::joy:


Stereophonics - Caird Hall Dundee 22nd August
The Script - Usher Hall Edinburgh 29th August


They’re playing at Warrington Parr Hall, early November. Just been looking on the website, but nothing takes my fancy.


What was the gig like you went to the other week Paul ?


Excellent Andy!:+1: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Played all the obligatory Cockney Rebel stuff I wanted to hear. Just waiting on news of the DVD release. - Only downside I would say, is that I just can’t get used to seated gigs!


I know I much prefer to stand, and that’s the only reason I will do arena gigs from now on, so you can get as close as you like. If it’s all seating I’m not gonna bother.


I don’t mind seating on laid-back acoustic gigs, but not full-on electric.


Good to see Anathema have introduced video technology to the set.
When I was lucky enough to meet Vincent earlier in the year, he said the band we’re hoping to take this direction in future shows, especially to tell the story behind the Optimist. :+1::wink:


WV1 Festival in Wolverhampton tomorrow, just tribute bands, but always a good day out with friends and hopefully the rain will stay away !!?


Slipknowt :laughing:


Not as good as the Reet Hot Chilipeppers :joy::wink:


Whole Lotta DC from WV1 Fest looked and sounded like the real thing .
Great day out with friends, plenty of beer and some good tribute bands - free admission just a £3.95 booking fee . :wink::+1::beers::guitar:


You can’t knock the musicianship of many of these tribute bands, whatever you may think about their relevance. I’ve come across a number on YouTube that I thought sounded amazing. I think there’s a Genesis tribute from possibly Argentina called Genetics. They’re really good at what they do. Let’s face it, it’s the only way we’re going to hear some of this music played live.


probably but the copy will never be better as the original…



True, but the original doesn’t perform in a live capacity anymore.


Just booked up for Anathema at Manchester o2 Ritz .
September 26th :smiley:
Will sus the venue for the Fish gig in December as I’ve never been before :wink:



2nd September - “'King’s Ransom” the 3rd musical by Clive Nolan - Cheltenham @Playhouse
13th October - Marillion - London @RAH
21th October - Carpet Crawlers - Liverpool @O2 Academy
31th October - Anathema - Berlin @Astra
9th December - Fish - Manchester @O2 Ritz
21th December - Fish - Glasgow @O2 ABC

… to be continued


Are these new dates ?

I thought Anathema were touring UK in September which i can’t attend as on holidays, plus my sons wedding.