Some gigs coming up


Zaz, you’re gonna have to have one hell of an overarm to get your knickers on that stage. Couldn’t you get closer?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: saw a drone flying over our heads earlier so this might be of some help :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The said drone got chased away by a flock of seagulls :joy::joy::joy:


Some gigs booked not in any order
Big Big Train
Soft machine
Pat Metheny
Marcus Miller
Musical Box
Chris Rea
Robin Trower


Sting tomorrow night.
I might be dreaming but I’d love to hear some Police songs.


I think you’ll have some




While queuing to get inside the venue can’t help to notice that they are everywhere…


I didn’t realise but the very first support is Sting’s son, Joe Sumner, on voice and guitar. Sounds very much like his dad!


Excited to see Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel tonight! - Just found out that the gig will be recorded and filmed for DVD release! :grin:


Invade the stage !!!


2nd act just finished. It was Anoushka Shankar. A full hour of almost torture but surprisingly I loved her very last track.
Now waiting for Jamie Cullum to get on stage and fill the air with his magic :blush::blush::blush:


Not that I’m going but in case anyone is interested Fish has just posted this on his Fb page.


All booked up :metal::wink:


Andy, might come and see the support bands then head home when BSR come on!


What’s your thoughts on the Black Country Communion gig Keith?
My heart says yes, but my heads saying no !!!
(£60 ticket + fee’s).


That Joe Bonamassa is a greedy cnut isn’t he. These prices just weeks after announcing £100 a ticket solo gigs.


Yes. I’m always thankful that he leaves me cold when I see how much it is to go see him.
On the topic of the BSR tour, I can highly recommend Blues Pills; saw them last year in a packed Club Academy in Manchester (the smallest of the Manchester Academy venues, I think) - very good, even with the PA problems they had.


Andy, for £66 I could see a lot of other bands! I’ll wait for the dvd. I also suspect that they’ll turn up at Ramblin Man. GH went down well there this year and they’d be a natural fit. Luckily I saw them last time, but yes it’s head v heart.


Mik, TTH & Blues Pills are both very good, never seen Dirty Thrills, just find BSR a bit (whisper it quietly) dull.