Some gigs coming up


Marillion at RAH 13th October …

Last remaining Member Seats have been released:
Last few remaining:

Go here:

Use code: 29821

The code is valid for 24 hours only from 9.00am this morning (Monday)

Good luck!


May have spare ticket for RAH if interested


I Managed to get a Marillion ticket for The Symphony Hall Birmingham next April :wink:


Ticket for Cambridge Corn exchange (Marillion)


Public service broadcasting
Paul draper:)


Vega tonight at The Robin2



Ariel or Persil? :smiley:

Enjoy the gig!


Living Colour is a band that I’ve never managed to get into. SB might blow them off stage!


Despatch information for Marillion @RAH arrived today.



damn I love this artwork!!!




Let the nightmare M6 journey begin :weary:


It was an amazing gig. I love this band



How are the new songs live Andy?

Going to see them next week…



So much better live , the band as a whole seemed to be having a great time on stage and was great to hear a few old songs from Alt4.
I loved the venue as well the Fish gig will be great there. :+1::wink:


Just landed in London , the hotel is next door to the venue, what a result :wink:


Have a great evening mate :wink: