Some gigs coming up


We are waiting



Maybe they forgot to turn up?


Have a good one Anthony




MARILLION at Le Zenith,Paris 07/10/17

Extraordinary…not enough words to describe exactly what I felt last night!!!
definitely the best band in the world

My regret though:not going to the RAH next Friday…I would have loved to see them in this mythic venue



Looks to be a big stage. What’s the capacity of the Zenith.


Usually around 6000 people but we were 4000 last night…they can close some curtains so the venue is full in this configuration



13th October - Marillion - London @RAH
21th October - Carpet Crawlers - Liverpool @O2 Academy
31th October - Anathema - Berlin @Astra
9th December - Fish - Manchester @O2 Ritz
21th December - Fish - Glasgow @O2 ABC

11th March - Galahad - Southampton @Talking Heads

… to be continued


Evanescence with Orchestra
Nottingham Arena 3rd April 2018


Michael Schenker Group (with Barden, Bonnet and McAuley on vocals) - Manchester O2 Ritz November 4th :metal::guitar::wink:


Is anyone going to the upcoming Marillion gigs in Manchester (8th November) or London (7th November)?


London 7th


Hope London will be a different set list


Have two tickets for the London gig on the 15th December only want face value


JJ Gilmour - Inn At Lathones ( near St Andrews ) tonight.:grinning:


Just waiting for Schenker .
Manchester o2 what a brilliant venue.
Fish will be great here . :wink:


First act announced for Download 2018 - Ozzy Osbourne
Would be good if his voice wasn’t shot


What do you mean by “shot”?


Destroyed, ruined, basically crap!


His voice was awful for the last Black Sabbath gigs , can’t see it having improved much at all