Some gigs coming up


You make me feel like thrashing.


Sunday booked :+1:


16/06 approaching :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to wait until August. :slightly_frowning_face:


Half day off work today and up to Cardiff for Machine Head


Could be a lively one :grin::grin::grin:


I take it it’s not seated then.


No. Students Union in Cardiff. Probably a good thing there aren’t seats - might have ended up getting one smashed over my head !!!


Just bumped into some Norweigian guys who are in a band called Sarkom. They were the nicest guys you could possibly meet but apparently they play ‘extreme black metal’. They are playing Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff tonight. Unfortunately for them Machine Head are playing 10 minutes walk up the road, so not sure what crowd they’ll get.

We were talking rock music, then one of them randomly asked me if i liked Marillion !!! He said he’d not seen Marillion live before but did see Fish on his Misplaced Childhood tour, and he shed a few tears.

Black metal kittens.


Someone here going to Loreley this year ?


Slayer ticket in the bag - Cardiff in November.


Busy weekend of tributes coming up
Gallus Cooper /Maiden Scotland tomorrow
Sunday is Reel to Real both at the Robin


Some members of Maiden Scotland are also in StillMarillion (and Martin Jakubski who sings for them, also does vocals for Steve Rothery solo band).

If you get to talk to Martin ask his opinion of Reel To Real. It could be an interesting comversation as Stillmarillion usually play some charity gigs around the Marillion UK weekends, but for 2019 they have been shafted by the promoter, and Reel To Real have been asked to play instead (with no money going to charity).


Sounds like Stillmarillion are being shafted this year - they’ve played the same weekend in November for years at the Robin so the dates are usually held for them, they usually pull in 500+ but this year the Robin haven’t held it for them so they’ve had to book an Arts centre in the centre of Wolverhampton


Seen StillMarillion a couple of times now. Best tribute out there by a mile. Didn’t know some members were also in Maiden Scotland. Might go and see them when the chance arises.


Here’s a youtube clip of him singing The Last Straw with Steve Rothery. In the last minute or so he goes a bit Bruce Dickinson so i can see why he’d be ok in a Maiden tribute.


Or there’s this of them messing about on tour




Gold Circle sounds a bit…

,I’ll get me coat