Some gigs coming up




Riverside touring in November but only 2 UK gigs this time around (Manchester and London). Tickets on sale tomorrow.


only 2 in France too…



Where? Probably far away from Nice…as always.


Paris and Lyon


Mmmm, no shit…

Seriously though. Nobody bothers coming any further south than.Lyon, îf not Paris.


the bands or artists I love (and you know who I’m talking about) never come to west of France either :roll_eyes:



It sucks. :-1:


You got Tom Jones!


Paul / Isabelle
My geography is shite (in the same way that some Americans think me living in Wales is ‘where in England ?’).

What part of France do you both live in terms of being close to major cities ?


Paul has moved in France ??? :astonished: :smile:



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I live between Cannes And Nice at the very south est tip, close to the Italian border, in a town called Antibes.
Nice is the closest big city.
Then there is Marseille which is a.good two.hours drive.
When big bands come play France they will do Paris and that’s it.


Sorry. I meant Anthony. I’m still half asleep. Had a few beers last night :grin:


Antibes sounds really familiar to me, but I don’t know why…
The closest I’ve ever been is Pérols (near Montpellier) on a family holiday in 1982, but we definitely didn’t venture that far East…
A quick Google doesn’t highlight anything historical that would make it familiar…:thinking:


I live near Rennes which is a pretty big town in West of France…it is about 200 miles from Paris

Unfortunately this part of France is often forgotten by the bands I listen to…except for Anathema who has played in Rennes a few months ago (in a great venue btw)



Zaz lives there :rofl:


There you go :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Temperance Movement next Sunday 10th June in Aberdeen


Just got a ticket for Glenn Hughes in September. Pleasantly surprised to see him coming to town.