Some gigs coming up


Ha ha ha no fecking chance.
When I got out of work walking to the car I crossed the park nearby the Festival and the dudes were doing their soundcheck. It sounded ok tbh. Having said that it could have been the support act :laughing:


Tomorrow night -

Graham Nash at Perth Concert Hall.:grinning:


Upcoming for me this week
Iron Maiden in Manchester and Wv1 fest in Wolverhampton


Hometown music festival tonight, domestic performers. Tarja Turunen and Battle Beast somewhat international though.


Bloody Hell. VIP?! Are you Finnish royalty?

It’s my village’s music fest today too. All local bands/singers. Had a walk down a couple of hours ago. Nice atmosphere. Place is heaving. Perfect weather.


See you at WV1 Ian. I hope the weather forecast changes !! :roll_eyes:


Haven’t seen the forecast yet, is it looking a bit soggy? It’ll mean more bar time then :beers: , ideal venue for me 1 bus and no parking hassle :grin:


Not so bad , Least it’ll be cooler. :beers::+1::guitar:


Today :metal: 32 years since first seeing them


I’m seeing them in Birmingham tomorrow night, 36 years? I’m probably quite close to that. The reviews by friends of the Belfast gig says that it should be better than the last tour.

Might skip KillSwitch though


Thought you’d be standing and stage diving like in 82. :laughing:
That yr was my 1st time, Beast on the road with an extremely loud “The Rods” as guests.


Andy, I think that I was at the Hammy O gig. Going tonight?


I wish I was now, as the show looks brilliant, but having seen the last 2 tours I thought I’d give it a miss this time.


That’s exactly what I thought having been disappointed by the last tour but then the reviews started to come out.


Was a fabulous night, probably the best they’ve been since the 80’s, sound was clear, Bruce’s voice was spot on and the stage show was unbelievable, pyros galore, Stand out songs apart from the regular stuff were Flight of Icarus (complete with flamethrowers) Sign of the Cross and The Clansman, Maiden tore the roof off the first sold out gig at the Manchester Arena since the bomb last year
Keith hopefully you’ll love it, I’d miss Killswitch though, only a cover of Holy Diver was any good


Agree with most of that Ian, my mates sat through KSE, gave it a three word review which wasn’t polite


Busy weekend
Tonight Electric Circus in Long Eaton a free warm up gig ready for Wv1 fest in Wolverhampton tomorrow


See you tomorrow Ian :beers::guitar::sunglasses:


Summer has been a bit bare gig wise for me but September brings -

StilMarillion - Sept 1st - Dundee
Simple Minds, Pretenders + KT Tunstall - September 9th - Dundee

before the big one - Fish Sept 22nd in Edinburgh


Roger Waters, only four nights to wait!!!