Some gigs coming up


Just received email confirming that my application for Marillion weekend in Holland 2019 has been accepted.

Apparently it’s massively over subscribed this time around so i was beginning to worry as all acceptance emails were being sent today.


Rambin Man


You’ll have to let us know whether Fish has changed the setlist for any of his new songs


Roger Waters tonight at Liverpool Echo Arena. Same deal as The Who last year :wink:


Ian, started late, finished early! He was in good voice, I caught about 30 moniyes of the Q&A he did in the KEF tent. The new album will definitely be a double…




Where are you Anthony? Paris?


Yep. Looks like the Olympia to me.


It is :wink:



Yes :blush:



Hope you enjoy. I’ve seen SW a few times recently and think he just gets better and better. The show i saw on this tour (in Cardiff) was fantastic.


Great stuff that you take your son with you :grinning:
and making sure he’s introduced to some quality music :smile::+1:


Tonight Dressed to kill (kiss) and Electric Circus (Wasp) at Slade Rooms


Finally arrived today


Tonight -

Steve Earle & The Dukes at Perth Concert Hall.:grinning:


Just saw that the Chemical Brothers are playing in town tonight. I have no idea what they do. I know the band by name.
Any good?
Don’t get me wrong I’m staying in in the cool lol.


Dance music


Gordon Bennet thank God I didn’t buy a ticket blindly. Not my stuff!


They put on a good show though apparently. Go and watch it, but take your earphones and a selection of proper music.


Yes, it’s two guys standing behind some record / mixing desks, so it’s more to do with the light show.

I used to quite like their earlier albums but a long time since i’ve bought or listened to anything by them.