Some gigs coming up


Tonight at the Slade rooms, Whitesnake UK a fabulous tribute, one of the best I’ve seen


Who are they a tribute for?


You are kidding aren’t you ???


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Bieber :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Tomorrow :

Simple Minds
The Pretenders
KT Tunstall

Slessor Gardens, Dundee.


So I’ve only just sorted out my hotel and travel for Lemmers! Feared I’d left it too late. Kept putting off booking because of various circumstances. It’s an expensive night out for me! £50+ for a return train ticket and £83 for one piggin’ night in a Travelodge! :angry:

…Anyway, looking forward to it now. Probably the last time I see Fish perform live.


Just at the station waiting for the London train for the Ghost gig at the Albert Hall tonight.


Off into town for Simple Minds gig. Supported by The Pretenders and KT Tunstall


My brother saw those 3 a few weeks back in S. Wales. I’d quite like to see Kt Tunstall and The Pretenders - not quite so keen on Simple Minds, but he thought they were really good.


Kind of go hot and cold on Simple Minds, but I’d very happily watch The Pretenders.


The Pretenders were on fire and Simple Minds were excellent. KT Tunstall less so as she played solo using looping effects to beef out her sound didn’t work for me.


Did she play Funny Man ?
Love that song. . .


No mate. If she had spoken less and dropped the cover versions she could have. :smile:


I hope its Girlschool supporting tonight ! :wink:


Am I correct in thinking it’s a 9:30 finish in Lemmers?


Still not got my tickets yet !!!
Gonna ring them tomorrow as ive got booking ref ect.
Useless gits . . .


God, hope you get that sorted. Got mine months ago. I’ll dig it out later and have a look. 9:30 sticks in my mind, which seems way too early to me.


Not got mine yet for Glasgow hope it’s OK, didn’t get from myou usual outlet at the time as theyou weren’t advertising it at the date of release so bought from “See Tickets”
Now I’m worried!


Ive got mine for Glasgow! :thinking: