Some gigs coming up


Fuck, I`ve got more chins than a Chinese phone book! Great photo. Looking forward to this immensely.:grin:


‘Laughter lines’ Lawrie! (in your neck)


Quireboys at the Slade Rooms on Saturday


I would love to see them live. The album ‘A Bit of What You Fancy’ is a favourite of mine.


It’s one of those bands I’ve wanted to see since the first album but never got round to


Pelle Miljoona Oy tonight. Yes, you have no idea what it is. :smile:

It’s a Finnish punk rock band originally from 70’s and 17-year old Andy McCoy and Sami Yaffa were band members before they went to form Hanoi Rocks.

Now and then:



Love a wee bit of Hanoi Rocks, Lauri. Enjoy the gig mate.


Goddammit mate, it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen!!


Geoff Tate with a Queensryche ‘best of’ set, tomorrow in Pontypridd.


His voice is still as strong as it was in the 80’s. :+1:


And so is mine … after a few pints :beer:


Wish I’d known about this. Ian Anderson performed a special Christmas themed benefit gig at Chester Cathedral last night. Just read about it on their site.


The Wildhearts tonight. Ginger isn’t a well man having sectioned himself again last week.


Hopefully performing gives him the required boost.:smiley:


Bought tickets for Avantasia Moonglow World Tour tonight. So next year is starting to fill up …

Greta Van Fleet in Detroit, December 2018

KISS in Detroit, March 2019
Blaze Bayley in Detroit, May 2019
Avantasia in Chicago, May 2019
Iron Maiden in Brooklyn NYC, July 2019
Iron Maiden in Toronto, August 2019


Von Hertzen Bros 11th


Fish Glasgow 13th December email from See Tickets saying my tickets have been dispatched hopefully they get here in time and not lost in the Xmas post.
Still won’t be using See Tickets ever again.


Get the :beers: in mate :wink:


What Andy says or a “wee passa doble.”:rofl:


Probably Marillion in Paris in 2019