The Birthday Thread


Andyboy67 1st October 1967


ulrichs 4th November 1967

… an early picture.


Arcade (Mr Mannequin) - 11th July 1973

Probably regret this…


So you searched a photo of yourself at your 18th birthday and photoshopped a Fish beanie on it and thought you will get away with that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That complexion is all down to my alcohol-free diet. :grin:


Rab (Mwelljester) 25th February 1968



Rik-7th October 1971👍


Rab, have you been on the Oil Of Ulay? Your skin’s looking so fresh.


Must be something to do with my 21st birthday coming up next month :wink: :laughing:


7th October 1970


Me on the right!


by popular demand :smile:

Here I am in flesh and bones :wink:




End of the mystery :wink:


Maybe he’s a friend of mine :blush:



Maybe she’s a friend of mine too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anthony, you look absolutely nothing like I imagined. Largely because of that feckin mask you had on a few months back. Reality was blurred.

Don’t know what you was concerned about. Fantastic beard. :grin:


Now Lauri needs to post a real picture of himself too since every photo he has uploaded so far has been of Viggo Mortensen.


and what did you imagine then ?



Great photo Anthony, out of interest. where was the photo taken ? And what the hell is that hanging from the ceiling, is it horses of some kind ???


Nothing really. Just couldn’t get the image of the mask with the knife out of my head!