The Football Thread


It`s official Dundee United are shite.:frowning:


This competition still means the world to me.
I used to love Cup Final day on the TV as a kid growing up and can’t wait for next weekend . :wink::soccer::beers:


Unlucky to Lawries team falling at the final hurdle trying to make it back into the top flight.


It’s A Knockout cup final special :grin::grin::grin:

Same feelings here. As a child cup final day was brilliant with coverage starting around 9am and continuing all day.


Nah they weren’t unlucky mate. Not good enough simple as that. A load of wage thieves masquerading in tangerine.:angry:


Start of Villa’s possible 3 “Cup finals” today nerves are jangling, hope we can squeak a win at Middlesbrough and then hang on when we get back to Villa Park


Good result Ian , hopefully see you back next season for 1 of my favourite away days :+1:


Just hope we don’t bottle it lol


Can start breathing a sigh of relief now. Was concerned about next season’s CL. Wouldn’t like to rely on having to win it.


I watched the Chelsea game, just hope they play as poor as that next week.
Im now watching The Players Golf Championship from Saw Grass Florida, which is where I was for the family wedding a few weeks ago.
Such a beautiful place.


Hope Man United go for it next week. Chelsea are not my favourite team.


It’s got nil nil and pens all over it . . .
We’ve been difficult to watch in recent weeks :sleeping:



Another season of just about managing to stay in the second division of German football. Dragged themselves out of the relegation playoff spot with a couple of wins in the final 2 home games of the season. Lost today, though.


Photobombing again lol… :wink: :camera_flash: :framed_picture:


It’s cut half the photo off !? I give up :slightly_frowning_face:


A wee taster for Saturday :muscle: :muscle: :soccer: ::soccer: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



We managed to squeak it, so a trip to Wembley for Villa - shame the ticket allocation is dire, only 34,000 so not a chance in hell of getting one


Did you go last night Ian ?


No was sat chewing my nails at home :grinning:


I couldn’t sleep last night , Cup final day and an early start as we head off to Wembley at 8.30am.
It still means the world to me this trophy :crossed_fingers: