The Football Thread


What, with his beard shaved off?


Really? France scraped past Australia and Peru and then drew with Denmark. Then beat two disorganized South American teams! Belgium only just scraped by Japan and were very fortunate. Admittedly they were better in the group games (but no better than England against the same opposition) and were ‘world class’ against Brazil. Just saying … I still think Belgium are the team to beat because they have been the best performing team but in Cup football anything can happen.


Real laughing all the way to the bank …

Stupid money for a 33 year old … stupid money for any footballer!


far from Neymar and even MBappé…



C Mon France :fr:



OH yesss :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::fr::soccer:️ Come on Lads!!! ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!


Is there a game tonight? Who’s playing? :wink:


the froggys vs the french fries :laughing:



You’ll have confused Mike with the French fries now :rofl:


Pardon my ignorance … but is that what the French call Belgians?


C’mon Fralgium!!


a referee from Uruguay ???

last time it was from Argentina…I guess FIFA doesn’t want us to win :smile:



IN English as you know you call chips French Fries. But, they are actually a specialty of Belgium, apparently they invented the French fries :blush: lol

And not sure people know this, but the French people are nicknamed coquerels.


Against Englands run in which has included a last minute winner against Tunisia, a loss to Belgium and a penalty shoot out win against Columbia. Very impressive.

Neither Belgium or France have been great in every game but even the most biased of England fans should be able to see that both teams are far better than England.


Hopefully we shall see :wink:


:joy: Real ones, from Belgium :belgium:
And a Blanche de Namur in my glass


We don’t! We call chips chips!


Is it the Americans then? Left England too long ago. Or it might be the beer :smile:


Where’s your mayonaisse ?


I’m more concerned about that feckin stool on the plate. What’s that?!