The Football Thread


Down to 10 men now


yes me



Not enough chances used!


really sorry for you my English mates



So sorry for England.


Oh well, we’ve got a match on Saturday against Belgium again


:fr: vs. :croatia: in the final!


No you’re not! :laughing:


Well… I don’t think it’s too early to say ‘congratulations’ to France. To be honest, I don’t think it would have really mattered who won tonight; France are better by some margin.


But still not a patch on Frelgium


You never know!! Don’t talk to soon! Who’d have said Croatia would beat England tonight??


I second this. But there weren’t good enough to beat Croatia. They had the early goal. A second goal was missing :disappointed_relieved: !


Most people


next time I’ll keep my mouth shut



It was a great chance for England to reach the final. In four years there could be another chance. There are a lot of England players able to take part in 2022 World Cup. And some younger players in the Premier League to make the England team better.


And Gareth Southgate should be the coach/manager for the next two or four years!


Another goal from set play. Only one shot on goal. No firepower = no goals. Experience prevailed.


Yeah the basis of a good national side. No one would have seriously picked England to succeed prior to the tournament. If I was English I would be gutted and very proud all at the same time.:smile:


I’m neither :laughing: