The Football Thread


Me. I had a bet on Croatia to win (though unfortunately i went for a result in 90 minutes).


:belgium: vs. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (England) on TV. Golden Boot for Harry Kane?

P.S. I have copied the England flag from a WhatsApp chat and in the Editor frame here it appears right as the St. George’s Cross.


From my phone I see the flag all black Ulli.


black on my computer too :roll_eyes:



so England is fourth then …



It has to be said, that despite all the pundits saying we’re a young side and we’ve done well and we’re progressing, we are so far behind in terms of quality and class that it’s frightening. The only reason England got as far as they did is because the draw panned out for us, with far better sides crashing out, and anytime we came up against class opposition, we fell short.

Look at Kane’s goals. 2 pens and a hugely fortuitous rebound he knew nothing about. Not entirely convinced that penalties should be included when winning the Golden Boot. Goals from open play only.


agreed with this Paul






Oh, you’re not French tonight Marie?!


maybe tomorrow :wink:


Cmon France in tomorrow’s final .
I wanna see Pogba lift it .


Totally agreed mate well said :+1:


Englands World Cup record was 4 wins, a draw, and 3 defeats. It’s not great is it. Yet the media and supporters continue with the line of ‘making the country proud’.

Proud of what? A lot of good teams were knocked out early in this tournament. Can’t see that happening in such numbers again in future World Cups and Euros, so my opinion is that England blew the best chance of success they’ll have in a long time.

They simply weren’t good enough when they came up against anyone half decent.


Agree Steve. I think the pride aspect comes from the way they conducted themselves on and off the pitch. I would describe them as solid, but nothing special. At least not yet, but there could be the nucleus of something there.


Hopefully we shall see :wink:

I think we can safely say that we did see :joy:


Yep… coming 4th in the World Cup is a total disaster. I really wish we hadn’t qualified …


Le jour de gloire est arrivé (?) :wink:



Viktor is ready :+1:



Let’s see that in the afternoon!


C’mon Froatia!