The Last CD You Bought


Sold out on the Marillion’s shop online :astonished:



Going to Belfast today…so I’m sure I’ll pick up something👍


And did you ???


I did!
Picked up Miles Davis-birth of the cool on white vinyl and Paul weller-jawbone soundtrack on cd​:+1::+1:


Maximo Park - Risk To Exist


Americana - Raymond Douglas Davies.:wink:


I listen to a lot of bands and singers. Too many to even think of, but there are honestly only a handful of maybe five that I get genuinely excited at the prospect of hearing brand new material from. I guess it must be something to do with the fact that this handful of artists are the ones I’ve been into longest, followed from my youth, and actually thinking about it, the artists in question don’t knock out another album every year. It’s a given that you will be getting something of quality, that they have perfected in the interim. Something made with love. Something with a message to the listener, and something we’ve had to wait for. Anyone reading this here will know that Fish has done this throughout his career. A certainty of quality, born of the fact that if he’s not happy with the product, we’ll never hear it.

Ray Davies is in my handful. It’s an absolute joy to hear a new album from someone who has been around the business as long as he has, but to deliver something that exceeds all my expectations and moves me. - I’d think it was pretty rare to find a guy at 72 years old who’s muse and ideas for fresh music is still so intact. - Maybe it’s just me and my tastes, but Americana is the most ‘modern’ album I’ve heard in ages.


Great album.:slight_smile:


Isildurs Bane & Steve Hogarth – Colours Not Found In Nature (arrived last Thursday)

Bjorn Riis - Forever Comes To An End (May 19th pre-order)


Done all I wanted to see now in London so now off to find HMV and indulge :metal::wink:


Dream Theater box set (for collection)
Various AC/DC Cds as had lent alot of mine to someone at work who has since left the company !!
Only 3 quid each.
Yes 90125 remaster with extra tracks .


Arrived today :smile:



Pre-ordered: Roger waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?


Something to look forward to when I get home from work today :wink::grinning:




Jesus, those covers have gone downhill since the Mark Wilkinson days!


Very true …nevermind…the setlist is great on this one :blush:





Rythmes et botaniques - Gael Faye


Steve Hackett - Wolflight

…bit late, I know.