The Last CD You Bought


Yes Steve first time I’ve heard them.


Lucy Rose - Somethings Changing


IQ - Ever :slight_smile:


Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley


Alison Moyet - Other


Read something about this yesterday. Interested in the story / concept. What`s the album like. I havent listened to them, but was drawn to it because of concept.


Would you recommend Ulli ?


Not released until Friday.

They integrate old spoken radio broadcasts into their songs. YouTube ‘race for space’ which was their last album or ‘the war room’ an ep they released a few years ago to give you an idea.


Not after the first listen :cry: . A lot of quiet songs. She will be on tour this year, also in Berlin, but after the first listen no need to visit the gig. I’ll give a second and third and … try :wink: .


Solo Acoustic Vol 1 - Jackson Browne
Solo Acoustic Vol 2 - Jackson Browne
For Everyman - Jackson Browne


That acoustic album is brilliant. :thumbsup:


Blackfield V


Layla Zoe = Songs From The Road (live Cd/Dvd)


Gavin Harrison - Cheating The Polygraph


The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery or “where do we draw the line now ?”


David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii (2 bluray + 2 cd boxset)


Marillion-deluxe box set(misplaced childhood).


So I’m pleased with the overall package, and I’ve yet to watch the docu’, but honestly, I’m listening to the remaster and thinking it doesn’t sound any feckin better than the original. Is it just me, or was that a pointless exercise?


It seems that on,the deluxe edition costs only 35€!



I think ‘remastered’ releases are rarely very different from their original versions.

However, with this release i’ll make use of the 5.1 mix, the Utrecht gig, and the documentary (though probably won’t play that more than once).

So the above, plus the bookcase packaging, made it a ‘yes’ from me.