The Last CD You Bought


Riverside - Lost ‘n’ Found (Live In Tilburg)


Hope so too myself!


Shouldn’t have really but I couldn’t resist this fantastic offer.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Duly ordered. :thumbsup:


Happy Music day today, just arrived
The 3cds/2dvd boxset. :sunglasses:

And with a free CD too :sunglasses:


Galahad - Quiet Storms


I’m very disappointed with it Ulli :worried:


Really, I loved the piano/keyborad parts… It is quiet.


Anathema - The Optimist will be in the letter box tomorrow.


How do you know Ulli ?



Cus he’s Optimistic! :wink::joy:


That makes sense :smile:



Amazon told me :wink: !


10cc - Hits 72-78

Had the album pre-teens. Just found it on cd for £1 plus postage.


Got it



two things though…there are little damages on two corners of the vinyl (when you see how much does the delivery cost !!!) AND the disc in the CD doesn’t stay in its case when you close it and THIS really pisses me off !!!



Two Charlie watts solo albums.


So You Wanna Be An Outlaw - Steve Earle & The Dukes
Under Stars - Amy MacDonald


Royal Blood - Royal Blood.


Did their Glastonbury appearence decide that one ?