The Last CD You Bought


Not a cd…

Marillion - Dry Land 10’ clear vinyl



Just because I’ve had a hard day, and some sad news, and because my whole body aches badly, and because it was my favourite album of all time, and because I fucking deserve it for having worked my butt off lately.


a great edition!!!



At last.


Just had a look on Amazon at this! OMG! A bit pricey to say the least. It looks lovely, but I just can’t justify it.


I know. But I haven’t bought myself anything this summer. I’ve worked hard. It is pricey.
I treated myself with a little craziness.
Now I’ll eat pasta for the next 6 months.


I’m thinking to buy it myself too … :smirk:



Cat Stevens - The Laughing Apple


Gentlemen - The Afghan Whigs


Jack Lukeman - The Story So Far




Bought on the merch stand at the Anathema gig last night…good idea to sell signed copies :wink:



Three Tchaikovsky Operas to nearly complete my collection.


Spandau ballet-barricades special edition.
Rolling Stones-sticky fingers live.


Bought on the merch stand last night
Triple vinyl edition of “Marbles”



Could it be possible to resolve this problem with loaded pictures ???..please ???



I don’t know why, but I’ve been looking out for this problem when posting my own pictures and so far they’ve all been the right way up. I wonder why this is, when most others seem to get the problem?


The only person that could look into this and possibly resolve the problem doesnt seem to be interested in solving it and probably has better things to do.


Peace At Last - The Blue Nile
Mid Air - Paul Buchanan
Walk Into A Storm - The Lone Bellow


Very good album