The Last CD You Bought


Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express (2009 re-release)


Payday :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Machine Head - Catharsis

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats

Blackfoot - Highway Song Live

Motorpsycho - The Tower

Marillion - Brave ‘deluxe’


Got the CD, not the 740£ LP!

tp live


Simple Minds-walk between worlds






Childish Gambino - awaken,my love



preordered both for a 16 March release





Arena - Visitor 20th Anniversary Remastered






Suits ( Remaster ) - Fish


Pre-ordered Judas Priest - Firepower


Is the Live Disc 3 of Suits Remaster out of sync with the track listing on the packaging or is it just me?


Yes and the details are here …

“On the ‘Suits’ remaster the track listing for CD3 on the reverse of the hardback cover is wrong. The CD itself has the correct running order and the track listing and details on the inner pages are correct but the print on the actual cover has CD3 listed as the first 11 tracks from CD2. It’s too late to change this now but it will be corrected on the next production run.”


Thank you, thought I was going doolally when I started listening.



Another pre-order: Eels - The Deconstruction


So I’ll wait :wink: