The Last CD You Bought


The Virgin Years Boxset - The Skids
Burning Cities - The Skids


Shadow King - Shadow King

Pre-ordered from Amazon but strangely got the digital copy instantly (a week before its release).

Didn’t know about this CD until I read this article in latest copy of Rock Candy Magazine.


A very good album, I’ve got the original :wink:


Hocus Pocus Boxset - Focus


Soulsavers - It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land

Soulsavers - Broken


The island years(John Foxx).


You should give the latest Midge Ure album a go. Orchestrated reworkings of Ultravox and solo material. “Hymn” on this album is quite superb.


Hey lawrie,michelle got me it for Christmas!
Superb and for 64 his voice sounds great…
Been a fan for years:)


STEREOPHONICS - performance and cocktails



He was on Radio Scotland on Saturday night talking on the Billy Sloan Show. Should be available on i - player.


Didn’t even know Squeeze had a new album out.


Well done that man with Warren Zevon. Try and get some of his later albums too,:slightly_smiling_face:


I have more than few on iTunes Lawrie. Just thought I’d buy some ‘physical’ ones.



Warning! aka Ceremony & Devotion


Looks like you’ve got some peeling to do there!


Gary Numan-dance(double purple vinyl)!




Off topic but maybe of interest to you (???). On forum there’s mention of a Marillon Belfast gig coming up - details this coming Wednesday (maybe).


Cheers mr peanut,I heard about that…
About time lol!
Haven’t been here since the marbles tour:)