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The Last CD You Bought

I’m not sure. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive.

I’ve seen the below description on Stickman Records which states that the “standalone cd version also contains the bonus tracks”.

2LP version comes on marbled transparent blue vinyl. LP1 is the main album, LP2 contains 3 bonus tracks. 2LP version is SOLD OUT!

1LP version comes on marbled transparent red vinyl.

Both vinyl versions are housed in a holographic laminate gatefold along with a 16 page photo booklet and CD!

Standalone CD version also contains the bonus tracks.

Bandcamp shop also says cd is the extended version.

Have you played the cd yet - just wondering whether there are ‘hidden tracks’ which are on the cd but no song titles printed ???

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Just read this on


CD track 5 runs approx. 33 minutes and includes LP tracks C1 to C3 as hidden tracks

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Thanks for the info…I have not listen to it yet (probably this weekend)…I’ve sent an email to Bandcamp to know if there is a problem or not…waiting for the answer

So you were right….after the end of the 5th song,there’s approximately 10 or 12 minute of complete silence….and then maybe 2 or 3 songs…this way of hiding songs pisses me of !

What’s the point ???..…I don’t get it !



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