The last gig you went to



Great pictures, it looks like you were very close Zaz.


A setlist if anyone is interested. Don’t blame me for spoilers. If you don’t want to know, then don’t follow the link.


I like to know myself what the setlist is going to be :wink:


Last night some rocking Christmas carols in our home town, “Heavy Christmas”. Vocals by Marco Hietala, Floor Jansen, Ville Tuomi and Anthony Parviainen. Floor Jansen is very pregnant but it doesn’t affect singing. :smile:


I’ve now retired from being an Alter Bridge fan.


Why cus Volbeat blew them away !?? :wink:


Andy, In a way yes.

My issues: Volbeat: catchy songs with songs that you can hear the words to.

AB was just a wall of noise. We walked out and I asked the other three mates what the first four songs were - none of them could tell. After 40 minutes Myles finally put the guitar down and they played Broken Wings, finally we had a song with structure and something that you could sing to. Myles now plays a lot more of the lead guitar than he used to. It was noticable that the songs that got the fans best reaction to were; Broken Wings, Metalingus, Open your eyes and Blackbird.

On a by note, the Leeds Arena has suberb acoustics


Marillion in Lille.
Arrival : It seems we had more trouble on the road than Anthony who arrive just before the rush hour. So, short time to meet Anthony and some people before the gig, and share a beer . Well, guys, we failed in taking a selfie of Anthony with his 3 Charlie’s Angels :grin:, sorry.

The venue : They abandonned the old fashionned Le Splendid where Marillion have always been playing, and played in l’Aeronef, which was full (capacity 1850). We should have listened to Anthony, and hurry up : no more place on the balcony, and a poor view. We ended in the stairs, good view, but poor sound, and the good point was we had some air to breathe: We saw several time emergency staff taking care of sick people…

John Wesley : I prefer to say nothing… :expressionless:

Marillion : no surprise about the setlist. It didn’t changed my mind about the last album. I had the feeling all tracks, even the old ones, were played on a slower mode. I repeated myself it was just me, but it appears after the show I was not the only one who noticed this, though none of us ate special mushrooms… So, not a bad concert at all, but not the best concert for me.

After the show : sad Anthony could not join us, he had to go back. We ended in the bar where we had been before the show, and so happy to meet again all the Marillion friends !!! :smiley: Yesss, good !
Back at home at 2:00 !

Going at work now :disappointed:


Waiting to happen :wink:



So he travels with an entourage?


I’m intrigued?


More photos to come…



MARILLION - Paris Élysée Montmartre 10/12/16

Fantastic show last night,far better than Lille (which was already great)
The sound was amazing,the lightshow totally superb(the projections on the screen match perfectly with the music),h’s voice was absolutely stunning!!!(what a préformer)
The venue was full(it was sold out) and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a powerful Marillion’s gig (although I’m never disappointed but hey I’m totally subjective but nevermind :blush: )

I don’t speak about the setlist not to spoil it BUT the only thing I can tell is that “the new kings” has blown me away:Sensational!!!

Well now I’ll have to wait for le Zénith 10 months from now but what a night:thanks to this amazing band (my all time favourite!) for their music,their energy on stage and their sharing with the fans…the best band In the world?..yes definitely (I told you I wasn’t objective but I’m a assumed anorak and proud to be :smile: )


About the setlist, did they play something which could make the crowd jump, as man of 1000, or that kind? Imho something like that was missing in the setlist.
I’ve never seen so many people outside, or in the lounge during a marillion gig, or leave before the end, as we do.


It wasn’t the same setlist…they played “afraid of sunlight” and "the great escape"
As for Lille…it was too damn hot in the venue;maybe that’s why some people left before the end
And I think there were many new “fans” of the band because of the last album and it’s difficult to “enter” Marillion at a first gig ?



Yes, really too damn hot ! Worse than Le Splendid !
And something missing to make the crowd crazy whatever the conditions were, I think It did’nt came from the audience.


Don`t know if this counts but I went to a concert at my sons High school last night. Usually the preserve of Grannies and gushing parents watching their loved ones take a bow. Well, yes Callum was playing guitar for the school Soul Band but two stars shone bright.

A young man did a solo acoustic spot playing a track by an American country band ( Zac Brown Band ) which was fantastic.

For me star of the show though was a girl with a wonderful voice singing the Joni Mitchell track, River from the 1971 album Blue. A girl of 16 / 17 years singing Joni Mitchell tracks. Just brilliant.


Dirty DC at a full to to capacity Robin
Fantastic night , great tribute band with a great 2 1/2 hour set including Ride On, Touch too much , Down payment blues, Live wire as well as all the regular DC live numbers , will definitely be going back in June when they return.


Andy Fairweather-Low & the Low Riders featuring the hi-riders.

Pure class I say, the man is a legend. It was in Cardiff in front of a home crowd 10th Dec. The complete pro, fantastic guitarist and brilliant with his audience. Dave Bronze on bass (legend also). A real feel good night with some awesome blues, r&b ,rock n roll and old fashioned pop! Gotta say ended up a wee bit Wide eyed & legless meself!!