The last gig you went to


Went to see The Who at Liverpool Echo Arena last night (free ticket). I was surprised at how good they were; Daltrey’s voice sounded better than I’ve heard him for years.


All for free too. Lucky man.


Wonder how much those tickets were? Not a bad freebie!


Some good bars round that area , the better part of Liverpool :wink:


No price on my ticket - my mate’s brother-in-law gets corporate entertainment tickets from time to time - but cheapest were £65, I think.


The drawbacks of being designated driver :persevere:


But for a free ticket to see The Who I wouldn’t mind. :wink:


Oh, no; I didn’t mind at all. I tend to not drink at the few arena gigs I go to anyway; I never see the point if you’re not down in the crowd letting yourself go. And at my age, it tends to just mean more time spent in the loo unless I stick to wine or shorts, which is prohibitively expensive (not that the beer’s ever a bargain in arenas).


Mr Punch @ Robin tonight


Good setlist Ian?


Wasn’t bad :slight_smile:
Punch + Judy
Cinderella search
Chelsea Monday
Misplaced Childhood psuedo to Heart of Lothian
Forgotten Sons
Market Square Heroes
White Russian


Did they get many turn up Ian ?
I’d forgotten about it until you posted pics tbh :roll_eyes:


Only 150 I’d say , was still a good atmosphere though


Leftfield (playing Leftism22) were amazing. Review will follow on Monday


Michael Monroe last night. He was not with his own band, he was a guest star for a different band and sung only cover versions like Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Traveling Band, Rockin’ All Over The World, Walk This Way, I Wanna Be Sedated, Going Back Home, Let There Be Rock and Blitzkrieg Bop. Great and energetic gig and lots of fun!


Always a really good gig whenever I saw him live :+1:


Leftfield review


I went to see Eric Gales last night. Comes highly thought of as a blues guitarist, but left massively under whelmed. And think that I was in a small minority in that view. Yes he can play guitar, but there aren’t any memorable songs that you’ll still be singing/humming in a couple of days, unlike (for example) King King. 2/10


Tom Petty


Great review Keith! Would love to see him live again.