The last gig you went to


Just an hour and a half 10 track setlist as well.

I understand the disappointment over poor sound but not so surprised that they’re not the most cheerful chaps.


Shit Rik I’m going Wednesday :slightly_frowning_face:


Just come out from the Robert Plant gig and I wanna tell you all about it, but being the considerate person I am, I know other people are going over the next week so I won’t spoil it for those.
All I will say is you won t be disappointed.
I thought it was fantastic.


Thank you for not spilling the beans mate.:wink:


The sound didn’t help…you couldn’t hear the keyboards over the guitars except in quiet passages…
The reports from Dublin were positive…limelight Belfast is hit and miss for sound…:slight_smile:


Think positive. It can only be better than the Belfast gig that Rik went to.

I was supposed to be going tonight but as i have to drive i’m passing. Really prefer to have a few pints when going to a gig. The only time i’ve stayed sober at a gig was Fish in 2013. It was a Sunday night so there was no local transport to get me home. I didn’t enjoy it and swore i wouldn’t do it again.


Greg Davies (comedian), Motorpoint in Cardiff.


Last night. Mark Lanegan - Trinity Centre, Bristol.

Excellent gig. Really enjoyed, despite me staying off the alcohol.


Firstly thank you Andy for not spilling the beans last week re. Robert Plant et al. However I can now reveal that the Sensational Space Shifters are / were the mutts nuts!

What an incredibly talented group of musicians and fronted by someone so humble. Brilliant gig.:smile:


His voice is still very strong and I loved the way they performed the Zeppelin numbers as well.


Agreed Andy, loved Misty Mountain Hop with Seth Lakeman coming over the top on fiddle and I think the encore was sublime. The light and shade / dynamic within the band was really something.


Mr Punch were very good !!


Phil Collins review


Must admit, it’s been rather upsetting to watch recent videos of him. Not just the fact that he’s obviously been incapacitated, but understandably, his crystal clear vocal has sounded strained and unable to hit certain notes.

Pleased this sounds like a more positive experience.


Actually his voice wasn’t too bad and not as bad as some had predicted despite the limitations of having to sit. I thought that the two ballards in the first half killed the atmosphere and momentum for a short while


Robert Plant


Black Country Communion


Geoff Tate - Robin2 Bilston.

His voice is still as strong as it was 30 years ago.
A really good version of Operation Mindcrime and with an encore of The Best I Can, Silent Lucidity, Empire and Jet City Woman I went home a happy chap. :+1::metal::wink:


The Wall Roger Waters Copenhagen


Marillion @ ROMT Feb 16 (USA Tour 2018)

I didn’t know what to expect from this one. I am a Fish-era Marillion fan. Marillion to me have always been those first 4 records and those records have been a part of my life for over 30 years. FEAR was the first non Fish fronted Marillion album I have ever bought and if I’m honest I only got that because I was going to see this gig.

But I have to say this concert was pretty damn good. Hogarth’s voice is amazing live and the band were just bloody awesome (even with the technical issues) as you would expect after this length of time together. I came away thinking this was a really great show.

Will I go out to buy more of their records after seeing this? … probably!

But for now … I’m off to listen to “Script” …