The last gig you went to


Manic Street Preachers last night in Cardiff. Really enjoyed the gig. A great mix of old, new and ‘best of’



I’d like to add some comments to Andy’s review. The sound for Seether was frankly shit. Bass heavy, muddy vocals, couldn’t hear the cymballs, guitar solos were barely distinguishable from the rest of the mush. Oddly when Nickleback came on once they got through a few issues on the first song it was the exact reverse of what Seether had to put up with. That bands still do this in this day and age is shocking.

Nickleback were on stage for 2hours 5 minutes. If Chad had kept the chat/banter/Jaegerbomb breaks down the gig would have been sub 2hours and better for it.


So is it true that sound engineers make the sound crapper for support bands as opposed to headliners?
I’ve been told this many times but find it hard to believe.


Metallica last night was awesome! And what a surprise from Rob to sing a Finnish rock classic from 1980 in Finnish!! Audience went wild. :smile:


Another great gig! This time by Berliner Philharmoniker with Tugan Sokhiev conducting and Yefim Bronfman playing piano.

First Sergei Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 1 in D major, op. 25 Symphonie classique
and after that Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C minor, op. 37
and finally Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition (orch. Maurice Ravel).

Wonderful experience! Pictures at an Exhibition is quite prog rock!


The venue looks fantastic!


Jeez imagine trying to find your seat in that with a drink in you lol…



We were at the same gig?


Maiden Scotland


Gallus Cooper


Was there many there Ian ?
If I can escape tomorrow I might go to the Robin2


Was only around 100, which was a shame for a Friday night but was a good atmosphere just probably means they won’t be back anytime soon


Reel to Real

Was another good night, only about 100 there again but all seemed to enjoy.


Greta Van Fleet @ The Fillmore (May 25)

On the evidence of last night, this band have the potential to be huge!



I actually skipped it as I’ve seen King King twice (they’re very good) but as you can see from the review Andy raved about both bands; don’t miss them if you have the chance to see them

KK/Steve Hill


I agree, the latest release From The Fires I really liked and can’t wait to hear the new album.
What’s the new stuff sounding like, still Zeppelinesque ?


Very much so. Only time will tell if they can develop and expand beyond that though. I really hope so. The new stuff (they also did a few covers) was very much in a similar vein to the first two EP’s. Will you see them at Donington this year?


To be honest no, they are really the only band I want to see, but they only have an half hr slot, so not worth the money.
I will definitely catch them when they tour here next year though.


Cheap Trick & Poison … Meh!




G’n’R at Download. ho hum.

OK, we accept that they’re going to do Live & Let Die/Knockin on Heavens Door (cover versions) but did we really need five other covers? A truly dire Witchita Lineman, Black Hole Sun, instrumental version of Wish You Were Here, an extended version of the extended piano/guitar break from the middle of Layla, a chunck of Only Women Bleed and on and on. Yet they missed out My Michelle and plenty of other. I guess that if you were down the front it looked and sounded great, but half way up the hill there was a huge sight & sound synch issue, which really showed up how weak and strained his voice was and just how much backing vocals Duff and the female singer actually did. There were long gaps between songs. My friends who saw them at the Olympic stadium last year said that show was far slicker and professional. p.s. if you didn’t know that Slither was by VR it fitted into the set utter seamlessly. p.p.s my friends thought that Thunder was the better set.