The last gig you went to


Mr Punch at The Iron Road Pershore

Good night with mostly Script and a full run through of Misplaced Childhood


Lifesigns - Backstage, Kinross

What a brilliant band. I have been to gigs big and small this year - stadiums, clubs etc. This is right up there as one of the best of the year. Outstanding musicians and humble, friendly guys willing to chat and spend time with the punters. :smile:



Andy really didn’t like it judging by his texts to me during the gig! Not sure that playing (a really not very good version of) Sabbath’s The Wizard was a good idea.


Greta van Fleet. It was ok, not great, not awful


They are an excellent band, very talented, but just dragged the songs out too long in places, which I found a little monotonous .


That’s interesting because I thought something very similar. I put it down to the fact that they only had 8 songs in their catalogue at the time and as the headline band they had to include ‘filler’ to stretch it out. Sounds like that hasn’t changed much even though they have more material to choose from. I am going to see them again next month. I guess I should expect it to be the same again!


I was about ten rows from the front in line with the bassist. Most of the time the vocals were unitelligible, unless he shrieked! As a band I thought that they were decent but still think that someone like Cormac Neeson would be a better frontman.


The big man with a stick in Verviers.
The sound was far better on the ground floor than on the balcony, in this tiny venue.
I had a good moment, but the audience not really moving nor responding… So a bit sad…


Glad you decided to go.:smiley:


A two week break now for the Big Man until the UK Tour :grin:
I’ve been following his Tweets over the tour and its all been very positive. :+1:


Heike from Frankfurt/M told me that the gig in Karlsruhe was much better than the Edinburgh gig. They have improved the playing during the tour. So it sounds good for the final UK gigs. London 8th December ahead for Heike and me. :slight_smile:


Get your arses to Glasgow.:stuck_out_tongue:


24 sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps! We march!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Not realy possible for me. It is to close to X’mas. And I have to check the dates with the ideas of my colleageus.


Bad Touch & Supports

A really good gig, such a shame that there was only about 50 people there; in a venue that holds 600+!!


Focus at Church Dundee last night. Totally Progtastic! Fantastic musicians.:smile:


Quireboys at a packed Slade Rooms, great gig, 8 songs from A little bit of what you fancy, well worth seeing


New Years Day, In This Moment & Halestorm @ The Fillmore

Coming to the UK next year …


Would you recommend it ?


Yes indeed. I went solely for Halestorm. Second time I’ve seen Halestorm and they were great (again). Lzzy Hale’s voice is phenomenal live. I could live without the slower songs in the set, but they are a proper rock band.

Never heard anything from New Years Day or In This Moment before the show. NYD were ok. Nothing special. But not too bad.

In This Moment – wow! Bloody loved them. Great musically and very theatrical. Very captivating. They won’t be to everyone’s taste. Now listening to their back catalogue on Apple Music and my opinion hasn’t changed. Awesome!