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The last gig you went to

A couple more photos of Kiss last week now the European leg is done - at least for now…


I think they’ll be back for a final UK show. Maybe something like Download next year.

That’s what I think, I reckon it will be Maiden and Kiss at Download next year

Kiss at Download was the rumour in Glasgow last night.

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Maybe AC/DC - 40th anniversary of Highway To Hell this month, and rumours they are due to announce a tour.

Also Rammstein have their own outdoor shows next June with nothing yet announced on Download weekend. They are playing Coventry the week before, so i’m not convinced they’d do Download as well. As a paying punter, i’m not sure i’d be happy about paying for their Coventry gig, only to find out i could have saved my money if they were added to Download.

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Alice Cooper and Halestorm @ 33 Bob Seger Dr.



Great shots! I’m seeing Alice in October

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A few from last night … Iron Maiden in Brooklyn, NYC on the Legacy of the Beast tour.

As you can see I was at the front :+1:


Awesome photos!

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Superb photos :+1:

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Yes, the photos are top class! Especially liked the one where Janick got wings.

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Great photos !


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There you go, the only gig I was going to this summer was cancelled at the last minute because of the heavy rain and violent storms we had.
We drowned ou sorrow in mojitos and had dinner in the beautiful seaside village where the gig was taking place. Our consolation!


Oh no! Absolutely no luck (and no gigs! :frowning_face:)

That sucks! No rain date?

Not sure if you mean they have announced another date?
Unfortunately not :confused:

They do a gig in Monaco in a week or so but it’s something ridiculous like 250 euros for a ticket. But it’s not a replacement date, just a gig they had scheduled.

Brilliant photo’s :+1::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Yes, if an event gets cancelled very late (hours before) my experience has been that they tend to offer an alternative date. One time (Kiss/Motley Crue a few years back) it was very next night. Otherwise the band/artist/promoter will lose a ton of money. I guess The Jackson’s don’t really care about lost revenue!

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Not in my knowledge :confused: