The last gig you went to


Looks like it was fun. I need to check this band out!


Last night in Glasgow Henglers wasn`t quite the same but -

Thunder , Terrorvision and King King more than made up for that. The Clyde Auditorium is not my favourite venue but each of these bands were absolutely brilliant. A lot of us will know the first two but maybe not so much King King. Check out their album, Reaching For The Light.


Yes it was Astonishing, fantastic performance from a fantastic band .
So much better live. I’m very happy at this moment :smiley:


I went to see (the much Planet Rock hyped) Inglorious last night. Three cover versions in the set (Rainbow/Toto & Purple) amongst their own stuff. Bought the CD at the stand (£15 because it’s been signed!) but wasn’t blown away by the gig.


DAN REED NETWORK - Bilston Robin2 - 9/3/16

I’d forgotten just how good this band was live, great musicians, some very unusual off the cuff songs (by Bowie, Earth Wind & Fire) and all together fun gig :wink:


Andy, considered going but I’ve never really got into them.



Yeah it was a good gig, I’ve not seen them in over 25 yrs and had forgotten just how energetic Dan Reed is on stage.
Voodoo Sioux supported , who you must’ve seen over the years being a local band.
I saw them with Schenker a good few years ago at the Wulfrun, much improved and had a really good stage presence.


Manchester Academy 13/4/16

<img src="/uploads/db8419/original/2X/2/28eb4dc4906255841cf29b5e02af1621b9fdcb89.jpg"

A really enjoyable gig, both bands were excellent entertainment and very loud . My ears are still buzzing :wink:


Wolfmother - Birmingham O2 Academy 16/4/16

A good gig with a very energetic audience!!! my only criticism was the sound, it was just too loud and as a result the vocals weren’t very audible . :wink:


Over a week later since I went to this, and although as said elsewhere that my mind was on other things, we did enjoy Jeff Lynne’s ELO Experience a great deal. Pretty much played his entire list of best songs, obviously finishing on Mr Blue Sky! - Very polished sound from a great band and the light show was spectacular!


I wasn’t there. But I know what they have played. Mick Pointer and Friends in Zoetermeer last weekend. SCRIPT. Another gig I have missed :frowning: .

Maybe you know there is a double CD release of their last time in Zoetermeer, when I was there. Please take a lookk at the YoutTube Thread.

I have listened to the double CD in the car the last days. And I have to say. “The Web” is such a good song, so impulsive, so thrilling, so … ! I love the drum parts. Mick Pointer parts :wink: . Some lovely solo parts too. This song was last played live 29th April 1986 by Marillion in Los Angeles ( And later during the gig “Forgotten Sons”. I’m not sure, but I think my most favourite Marillion song!

What do you think, is there any chance to have “The Web” on any Fish gig/convention in the future? Please no appearance by Marillion with Mr. H on the microphone :hushed: !


I was just going to say, before I read your last paragraph Ulli, that he should aim to play it at the next Convention! (whenever that may be?!) - I wasn’t sure if he had ever played it during his solo career, but I doubted it. - It’s never been one of my favourite tracks, but I do like it enough to want to hear it live.

Hearing Grendel live at the last Convention gave me a much greater appreciation of that track. Maybe the same would happen with The Web! :grin:


Status Quo last night at The Empress Ballroom in Blackpool (Thurday 28th April).

First night of this latest tour and the first time that my partner Caroline has seen Quo (her first ‘proper’ rock gig was Fish at Sheffield City Hall last year followed by Roy Wood closer to home at Holmfirth Picturedrome a week later).

I’ve seen the band five times now, but this was probably the best show yet. No real messing about and all the hits plus a few others thrown in for good measure. Audience joining in and plenty of movement too thanks to the Ballroom’s well sprung dance floor.

Any other comments? Too many people taking pics or video clips on their phones and one bright young thing spent most of the show sending or receiving tweets every 2-3 minutes! D’oh…

Next gig - waiting to see who comes along, but Ian Hunter’s around later in the year.


Fish - Farewell to childhood., Bilston
A great night again, venue was heaving, where I was the audience was great, really vocal such an improvement over the Birmingham gig in December.
The whole performance was fantastic, could tell Fish was struggling with a cold but he didn’t hold back. Nice to see him put the heckler in his place.
Was a great reception for Yatta on his retirement obviously was very emotional for him and Fish.
Only downside was I didn’t meet Andy and Zaz but it was that rammed there wasn’t much chance of seeing anyone


Hi Ian! We tried to look for you but never found you unfortunately.
It was an emotional gig indeed and great to catch up with the Company once again.
See you all at the next Convention :grin:


One of the great nights at Bilston. Preferred MC this time to the tour 11 years ago when the extra guitar and backing vocals muddled the sound. The band were superb (Robin is great on the Marillo stuff) ,the crowd fantastic, all-in-all a great send-off for Yatta


Can’t believe that was Yatta’s last. End of an era! :cry: Best wishes to him. - Brings a big smile when I think of him in that feckin dress at the convention! :grin:


An emotionally charged evening, the last ever performance of Misplaced Childhood.
It was a brilliant crowd, very vocal and as Fish said it was a pleasure to play this venue for the last night of the tour.
Ian, we were cutting it pretty fine getting into the venue and when we got in it was absolutely rammed. We looked out for you at the end but unfortunately never saw you :persevere:


Why has Yatta retired and who’s going to take over?


Roger Hodgson’s gig at the RAH last friday with my sister who flew over from Paris for the occasion.
What a magical venue! Absolutely stunning!
The concert of course was emotionally charged too and got me crying during every other song.
I hadn’t realised that Breakfast in America was the very first LP that my sister had ever bought along with Eagles’ Hotel California. Coincidentally I’ve taken her to see both bands perform in London, with the Eagles at the O2 two years ago.
Here’s friday’s setlist:

-Take the long way home
-In Jeopardy
-Breakfast in America
-Lovers in the wind
-Hide in your shell
-Easy does it
-Sister Moonshine
-A soapbox Opera
-Puppet dance
-Lord is it mine
-The Logical song

2nd set:

-Child of Vision
-Death and a zoo
-If evryone was listening
-Had a dream
-The awakening
-Only because of you
-Fool’s Overture


-Two of us
-Give a little bit
-It’s raining Again

I had the pleasure to catch up with some of the Company :smile:
Here’s Stuart, Tom, Tony(Mileszippo), me and my sis, Ulli and Silke.
Phots courtesy of Tony :blush:

Roger’s vocals are still bang on after all these years.
His musicians were fantastic with a terrific keyboard/saxo/clarinette player.
I’ve seen him twice but would love to see him again live in the future :blush: