Fish Final Tour 2024

Possibly me. I’ve got a ticket. See how things pan out.

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Hotel booked for Glasgow. I can forget about it now!


Hotel booked also just before they all go up due to Scotland playing Wales at Murrayfield the same weekend.

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Those pubs will be bloody heaving! Not to mention the trains.

Where you both stopping ?

Park bench



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I see March 10th hasn’t sold out yet.

Get a ticket then :wink:

Back in work on Monday night. Not an option.

What are people plans. Initially I thought about staying for 3 nights (Fri, Sat and Sunday) to make a weekend of it.

Now that the extra date has been added I’m thinking Sat, Sun and Monday.

Are others doing the Saturday night for a bit of a meet/piss-up ?

Been on holiday and so just catching up on posts. I will be travelling to Glasgow on the Sunday as I am going to the Aberdeen show on the Friday. I need at least one day of recuperation in what will probably be a hectic period.


My plans are still very open. There are not direct flights to Glasgow from Finland so need to plan what would be the less tricky route. I’m not very happy about the idea of changing and looking for terminals at Heathrow. One alternative could be flying to Edinburgh and taking a bus from there. But nothing decided yet. Anyway it would be at least three or four nights when travellling there.


If you flew into Edinburgh there are direct transport links into Edinburgh city. From there you could take the train from Waverley Station into Glasgow. You would of course earn extra points by having your photograph taken at Waverley Steps. :smiley:


Re. hotels saw a Facebook post from someone suggesting that Hotel prices will have settled down for Sunday / Monday as the Welsh rugby fans are likely to head back home following Saturdays international match on the Sunday itself.

You mean something like this? :laughing:


Of course. I forgot about your trip to Edinburgh.

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Haha! Had me for a minute. :laughing: