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Fish O2 ABC Glasgow 21 Dec

Just announced by the O2 ABC Glasgow on FB
Fish live at the O2 ABC Glasgow Thursday 21st Glasgow. Thank god its my day off, hope I can get to an earlier gig, too near Xmas


Haven’t got a hope in hell of attending that one without pulling the obligatory. Christmas week is a no-go for me, unless it’s a local gig. A real shame. Really want to catch a gig in Scotland, but anything in December is not possible for me.

You are sick that week Paul.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sunday just got brighter.

Think all the uk tour is in December Paul.

Other dates known are…

Manchester O2 Ritz Sat 9th December

Bristol O2 Academy Wed 13th December

A Thursday night might prove difficult for me also, pity it wasn’t a weekend like it normally is :persevere:

While there might be more dates, what about Manchester?

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Impossible for me.
Too close to Christmas.

Be good for me depending on fixtures :wink:


Silke ask me, if I would like to travel to Glasgow this december :wink: . I’ll check this at work tomorrow. The flight plan of easyJet at the moment is only till October. Relating to this it looks like a two or three night stay in Glasgow.

What do you think? Is it a problem, to get tickets for the gig on general sale? There is a O2 presale option :hushed:.

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Sad to say rock gigs are in the past for me, I have to respect my ears and no longer attend loud gigs, I will be sticking to acoustic, folk and jazz from now, the rock and prog wil be at home from now on where I can control the volume, my last rock gig is in April when I go to the Marillion convention in Poland, something I am now not looking forward to but will enjoy the days and try to enjoy some of the gigs, my son is coming along, so the option of cutting my loses which I would have done is a non runner. I won’t be attending any Fish gigs but hope everyone who goes have a great time as I know you will, Cheers Tony


Thought we may have had some larger venues this time around. The last ‘Misplaced’ gig in Bristol O2 was ‘sold out’ and absolutely packed.

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No Midlands venues are showing anything as yet
Thought he might play the 02 academy in Brum this time

I know Rab, but anything after the first week in December is going to have to be local for me.

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The Manchester gig is a distinct possibility. I’m off Saturday nights! :grin:


Its not gonna be the same without you Tony mate, but I know health comes first, wishing you all the best, hopefully we can still get a reunion together sometime “Long live the Company”


Don’t think it will be a problem getting tickets from the General sale as long as you don’t leave it late. It will sell out, but not the demand as their was for the Farewell to Childhood tour.
Me, I will be going for the pre sale priority.

Manchester is OK for me but need to see if Michelle can get it off, if not would need maybe look at something else dependant on when the full list of dates come out.

I am similar to you mate, anything after the 2nd week in December is a no go, like I said just lucky Glasgow lands on my night off.

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I know where your coming from Steve, but I actually think, with this tour and the New album coupled along with CAS anniversary there may not be the demand as there was for MC, that said it depends how fish is gonna work this schedule for the final year or two, is this the final tour? Or will there be a separate “Farewell Tour” of limited dates ???