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Genesis set to Reunite (sort of)

For real!

The Genesis chaps (including Peter Gabriel) are going to get together again to give the fans what they want - a BBC documentary.

So, it’s not quite a full-on reunion but the Beeb promises more unseen stuff and more recent interviews. Needless to say this has splurged on rumours of a possible show. Maybe. Possibly.

According to The Guardian - this must mean it’s definitiely on! Meanwhile, Gabriel is busy choosing which hill to run for.

(recent photo courtesy of The Guardian)

Great news! Hope there will be a show :slight_smile:

I went to the "Six of the Best " gig at Milton Keynes many moons ago, poured down all day long ! :rage1:

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Preferred them without Gabriel anyway. Just saying.

Just good to see them together- will be interesting to see the documentary as I thought most stories had already been told.


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Seems to be at least one:

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Wow. one show that means a big demand for not many seats! One of the few bands left that I would love to see live! Thanks for the link Lauri.

I think it isn’t a good idea. Only one! Less than 15,000 tickets, for all the supporters around the world!

I’ll wait for the DVD. :smile:

Or the BluRay…

Like Ulli I don’t like the idea of the one only show.
It’ll be like the one off London Led Zepp reunion for Celebration Day.
Too many broken hearts!

I wonder if keys will have to be changed to accommodate deeper vocal ranges? Either that or some incredibly tight underwear for Gabriel.

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Some news:

And here are the news…

Genesis to release “R-Kive” 3CD-set

So we’re saying that there’s a new compilation that offers nothing that a Genesis fan won’t already own?

The hard-core “must have everything” fans will buy it, but can you see a casual listener buying a 3-disc set like this?

I won’t be buying it. Already got several compilations as well as the albums. I guess this is just a ruse to put them back in the spotlight, and you can’t really blame them.

I’m still none the wiser as to whether there will be some one-off concerts. I thought this was what everyone was surmising? - If there is no one-off reunion, it’s not very exciting news is it?!

another news:

Three Sides Live (dvd / blu-ray pre-orders)

Only ever released on DVD in the limited edition box set The Movie Box 1981-2007, Three Sides Live was filmed in November 1981 on the Abacab tour in North America. Originally filmed in 16mm, the footage has now been fully restored and is being reissued on standalone DVD (ntsc, region 0) and Blu-ray (region free) for the first time.

Focusing on tracks from the Duke and Abacab albums, the performances are intercut with behind the scenes footage and interviews with band members.

A visually stunning show which captures the band in transition between its Progressive past and more Pop orientated future.

Pre-order for 3rd November release."


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Crikey, how many more things can be released?

God, I HATE the Abacab album! Won’t be buying that either!

…although Duke is rather excellent. :wink: