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Haddington Corn Exchange 23/08/2014

So, who’s going then ? Really looking forward to this one, its been a while since I made the pilgrimage to Haddington !! :smile:

I’m hoping to make it up there. Just need to rearrange some dates, see if there’s a ticket left, hope I can get a room some where and then maybe it’s doable :wink:

I’ll be there! Really looking forward!

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Don’t think I’m going to be able to make it :frowning:

Sod’s law I’m not doing owt but I have kate bush the following weekend and I don’t think I can stretch to both.

Ooh that might be tight.

@ulrichs and I are going to see the Bush in September so if it’s no good we’ll let you know and you can come along to Fish instead!

Sorted! :bulb:

BUT I’m going the week after Haddington so unless you have time machine :slight_smile:

Good point! :confounded:

We are hoping to be there, depending on successfully finding accommodation! After all, it is the same month as the Edinburgh Festival…

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Edinburgh Festival?

Is this some new thing?

Never heard of it…

The conventions were almost always in August and we always managed
lots of the surrounding villages have guest houses and the like.

Bally annoying what ho’ - no show from me :frowning: - it’s even close to my birthday but just can’t do it.

Cant wait ,got tickets as soon as was confirmed ,tickets numbered 1-4 hotel booked looking forward to seeing John Beck with the band


If you don’t mind me asking - which hotel? Everywhere i’ve looked so far has been full… :no_good:

we are staying at tweedale arms in gifford,booked about 3 weeks before gig was announced ,have you tried goblin ha hotel? good luck with findind somewhere barry

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I would love to be there but the date does absolutely not fit into the holiday plans. Hope to see some gigs in Germany and England later this year.

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Not long to go now, when is everyone arriving? I’ll be in Haddington Friday afternoon, early evening if anyone fancies meeting up :beers:


Will check my social diary. Well,well.well,it looks like i’m free that weekend,so count me in!!!
cya@thebar :wink: