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New Bilston 2016 Gig - FINAL misplaced childhood show

Not seen this posted yet

Fish - ‘Farewell To Childhood’ last date of the tour special
Sunday 01 May 2016
Advance Ticket Price: £25.00 Door Price: £27.50

Fish - Farewell To Childhood last date of the tour specialPlus special guests Lazuli


Final shows announced due to rescheduled European tour and public demand

Following a completely sold out UK tour in December 2015, Scottish singer, songwriter and ex Marillion frontman FISH has announced a final ever run of headline shows where he will play Marillion’s 1985 chart topping album MISPLACED CHILDHOOD in full for the very last time


We’re there :wink::joy:

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Me too :grin: :grin:

Look what arrived in the post today :smiley:


lucky you :grinning:


The gig is now “Sold Out” . Didn’t take long did it !

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Oh well that solves that dilemma.I suppose if youre not fast youre last. :disappointed: Other fish to fry at the moment meant I couldn`t make decision just now.

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Not convinced it’s sold out robin usually say sold out. Could be allocation gone or they put on sale too quickly.

Alternative link still has tickets

Those in other UK cities should also click on link :slight_smile:

I was the same Lawrie, I couldn’t comitt either due to paying for a Holiday and Michelle’s 50th, but was holding out for a Convention that was supposed to be at the end of the year, I hope its still on, if not I could have went to Bilston :frowning:

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Gutted you guys couldn’t make the gig :persevere:
So fingers crossed that the Convention still happens later in the year, so we can all get together again.


May your wish come true Andy cause I wish it too!!!

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It looks like ticketweb are still showing tickets for sale for Bilston - whether they’re separate from the Robin’s allocation I’m not sure but they let me get up to the payment page without any problem, might be worth a try for those who are still looking.

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Still looks like Ticketweb has Bilston tickets for sale! Again it let me get up to payment page with no issues

I’m going :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This works so brilliantly for me as I will find myself in London for the Roger Hodgson gig at the RAH 2 nights before!

Roll on April :blush:


Who’s going from here?

I will, as it’s my second home !!! :joy:


So I’ll meet you and Ian :blush:
I’ll be most likely travelling up from London with Tony and Julian.
Great evening in perspective!

Graham, ChrisD and his Company Norfolk buddies, Tonys mate Tom and my friend Scott as well , it should be a good crowd of us.
So what are the chances of you bringing us one of your cakes ?? :joy::joy: No space ones tho! :wink:


Trying to find out whether Lazuli are supporting on this date - tickets show they are but supposedly their newsletter says they’re not this time around - Any ideas?

Thats cool then. See you then :blush:
Soz don’t do space cakes :flushed:
I can do Fish cakes!