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New releases coming up

August 26 release date.

Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982 - 8CD Boxset $100

Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982 - Super Deluxe Black Vinyl Boxset $300


Quite pricey this. I would love the vinyl but at $300 I’m not sure I can justify it, so will probably just go for the CD boxset.

I know some on here like them


September 2nd.

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Kings X - Three Sides Of One (September 2nd)

October 21st release.


I’m glad to see they are releasing a deluxe box set with both the CD and vinyl together, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Why does it say 2018 remix?

I think it’s because that was when it was originally remixed but the two camps (DG and RW) have been in dispute over its release since! I may be wrong but that’s what I thought I read last year.

Edit:Just found this to confirm my original comment.

As the title suggests, the remix was completed in 2018 and originally intended for release around that time; however, the reissue was delayed as former band mates Roger Waters — who largely penned the album himself, with the exception of “Dogs” — and David Gilmour sparred over liner notes that were intended to accompany the reissue.

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Eminem’s second greatest-hits compilation is on the way.

After weeks of teasers, the Detroit rapper has officially announced “Curtain Call 2,” to be released Aug. 5.

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Thanks for the info :wink:

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Bjorn Riis

Though expensive for only 4 tracks (less than 30 minutes). Burning Shed have the cd @ £15 and the vinyl @ £27


No date announced yet.