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Some gigs coming up

What? You wouldn’t roll 500 miles to see them?


Nor 500 yards

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Deary me, Paul. The Reid Brothers are backed by a band of stellar musicians performing a breadth of music. Writing a song that later appears in a Shrek movie may make them " novelty , " but it also made them the millions that has allowed them to continue writing and recording new songs alongside existing songs of love, spirituality and socio-political comment.


Sorry I aired my opinion! :laughing:

(Their tickets are still overpriced)


Eels as well.

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Nah, dont be sorry mate. I was just seeking to enlighten you. Gig tickets in general are over priced nowadays. It would be really interesting to see some kind of breakdown of costs - musicians, transport, hotels etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ticket bought for the Magnum 50th.

Magnum were the support to BOC in November '79, one of the first bands that I saw.


Mostly Autumn at the robin2 Bilston tonight :+1:


Tonight at the world famous Glasgow Barrowland, Del Amitri and the Byson Family. :grinning:


And the gig was outstanding. Most of you will know Del Amitri but I have to say you should check out the Byson Family featuring Phil Campbell ( ex - Temperance Movement).


Just bought tickets for me and Päivi.



Big Country next winter, a day before my birthday, front row and not so far from home! :blush:

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Wow, that’s a long time off! :laughing:

Less than eight months, it will pass like no time! :grin:


Oh yeah. I read it as 2nd of December for some reason. I must be turning American.


So did I. But I have an excuse!


You will have a great time. Simon Hough is a decent singer much better than when Mike Peters of The Alarm fronted the band.

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Andy, Steve or other UK gig goers: how does Ticketmaster UK usually work? In Finland I’m used that when I purchase the ticket it arrives to my e-mail right away. Now I’ve waited for the GnR tickets to be ready for some days and it says:

"We’re still working on a few final details before your tickets will be available here. Don’t worry though, they will be ready at least 3 days before the event.

Once available these tickets will need to be printed. Print and take them with you to the event, to be scanned at the door."

I assume they will be ready in time but how’s your experience? Thank you very much!

Whether it be Ticketmaster or any other ticket agency, i’ve always received my tickets on time, either posted to me or emailed.

My last Ticketmaster gig was Tool. I was due to receive a printed ticket in the post but they ended up sending it to me via Ticketmaster app, so just needed to show my mobile phone at the gig.