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The Kate Bush topic

Continuing the discussion from The Last CD You Bought:

You know, it’s funny but I had a similar discussion about the “washing machine” a while ago with someone else. The first couple of times that you listen to it all you hear are the words “washing machine”. You get into the song a little more and there’s all this sadness and sensuality mixed into the song.

“But should it be that difficult?” I was asked. It made me wonder. I really like the song and it’s not like the track is a single or anything. Overall I like it but I can understand how difficult it would be for someone listening to Kate Bush for the first time.

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I just don’t ‘get’ Kate Bush full-stop. Maybe I need enlightening?

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It depends what you’ve listened to. :musical_note:
What have you tried?

I find many similarities especially between some of Kate Bush’s music and Marillion stuff .
There is just a really intriguing aspect to her that attracts me and not now but in her day she was also stunningly beautiful. :wink:

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My Kate Bush knowledge is pretty minimal. I’ve heard the obvious ‘hits’ and the wife has her Best Of cd. I bought Aerial on it’s release thinking the wife would like it but it’s only me that plays it. I like it a lot, though i can still find it a little hard going sometimes, but there lies the beauty of it - i’d much prefer a challenging listen than an instant hit 3 minute pop song.


The only KB CD I have is “The Sensual World”. As I scan the CDs I rarely think “Oh yes, I must listen to that one!”, but when I do, it is a very “sensual” piece of music. Some awesome musicians on there, but somehow it still manages to leave me feeling slightly cold. No idea why!

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I think that you’re not far from why some people aren’t keen on KB, @Conan.

Like you say, great music and the songs really do come across well - but sometimes you really need to be in the right frame of mind to “get it”.

Her latest album, 50 Words for Snow, is probably the most challenging in that regard.

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As much as I like Kate Bush, I agree that (50 Words For Snow) is the hardest to get into and that you really have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it.
On The Sensual World album, I used to have the cover framed on my wall, sheer beauty :heart_eyes:

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Love some of Kate’s stuff - wish I had tickets for the shows as she’s actually played a good few of my personal favourites. I admit I don’t always ‘get it’ and the ‘washing machine’ bit is unlistenable to me. I think ‘The Red Shoes’ is an underrated album , whereas ‘Sensual World’ is all about the title track to me.

I’m pretty sure I used to mention this on the old forum but I recommend ‘When I was a Boy’ by Jane Siberry for those who like complicated works by female artists. Again many people don’t ‘get it’ but for those it does it’s a rewarding album. It can be streamed here for anyone interested:

Other works in the Siberry catalogue are ‘diverse’

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Ok kids, still in KB mode?
How many links can you come up with between Kate and Fish, I’ve got at least 4 :smile:

Are we talking direct links to Fish?

As direct or indirect as you like :slight_smile:

I have one…
Kate’s label is FISH PEOPLE
Probably the easiest :slight_smile:


They both performed at the Hammersmith Odeon


Jon Kelly as producer ?

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Cloudbusting and Gentleman’s videos both directed by Julian Doyle

David Paton played Bass Both Fish and Kate

Fish and Kate both appeared on the Spirit of the Forest single.

Mark Wilkinson has provided cover art for both

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Wow - that’s an impressive set of Kate Bush / Fish links, @tosh. Was it the actual cover of Red Shoes that Mark worked on?