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The Last Vinyl Album that you Bought

So exciting
I am playing a brand new vinyl record. The first one I have bought for many many years
So good to unwrap it, pore over the sleeve, actually be able to read the lyrics … then put the record on turntable, lower the needle into the groove and WOW…

Black Star Riders - the Killer Instinct

Its soooo soooo good.

Their first album was good but felt a little rushed…but this time out we have great songs, superb production, great guitars…its just awesome.

I saw this band as Thin Lizzy and they were on fire. I saw their first ever gig as Black Star Riders and they were incredible and now they have a new album that totally lives upto expectations.

If you like your rock music I implore you to invest some of your money in this wonderful album.


Ok it`s not an album but I bought a 7" single form about the first time in 30 years today -

Cant You See That Shes Mine - The Dave Clark Five.

The b-side - Because is a great song.

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not an album:

MARILLION - freaks 7’’ shaped picture disc :grinning:


Led Zeppelin III. (More for the cover than anything as I don’t play vinyl anymore)

A while ago now. Still have lots of vinyl and a Dansette record player ( circa 1962 ).

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Good to hear this week that Vinyl record sales are at their highest for 20 years, reaching 2 million in 2014.
Biggest sellers in 2014 included Led Zep, Floyd, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and teh Foo Fighters

This week the UK Official Charts company has started doing vinyl album and singles charts.

Great news


I have read a German article about the problems of the Vinyl manufacturer. If you like, use the translation feature of your browser. I have found an article on the Guardian web page. Maybe it fits all the points of the German article.

I’ve been back into buying vinyl again for quite a few years now – some 2nd-hand, some new; sometimes to replace old knackered copies of stuff I’ve always had; sometimes to pick up stuff that’s only previously been released on CD, and some new releases (I’ll always choose vinyl over other formats).

Most recently, I’ve picked up a 2nd-hand stereo copy of ‘Highway 61 Revisited’, as well as some new releases: ‘The Firewatcher’s Daughter’ (Brandi Carlile), ‘London Calling’, ‘Terraplane’ (Steve Earle & The Dukes) and Thunder’s ‘Wonder Days’.

When it comes to the new releases / new vinyl pressings, the quality and care that gets put into them varies wildly.
The Thunder album highlights one of the problems (and probably the most common one), which I’m assuming pretty much comes down to record companies just jumping on the ‘vinyl revival’ bandwagon to screw as much cash out of punters as possible, and is presumably facilitated by the current relative cheapness of oil (and therefore vinyl). It’s an 11-track album, so why release it as a DOUBLE LP, with no inclusion of bonus tracks or anything of any sort to justify four sides of vinyl? It strikes me as ironic that one of the selling points of CDs was not having to get up to change sides, and now these unnecessary double albums are now doubling that ‘inconvenience’ for no reason whatsoever – three tracks in, and you’re having to turn the damned thing over.
Other major offenders are the aforementioned Brandi Carlile LP, Springsteen’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ (unforgivably not including the 2 CD bonus tracks, one of which is the wonderful ‘American Land’), the last 2 Muse albums, Bob Dylan’s last 4 original albums, and most disappointingly, Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’, which not only doesn’t include the bonus tracks, but doesn’t even bother to make use of all of the available vinyl to spread the tracks out over – a good third of the vinyl is just dead space. They could have easily put the main album on 3 sides and filled side 4 with bonus tracks. ‘The Division Bell’ is almost as bad. This pretty shoddy treatment of punters is highlighted by the obvious care and consideration that went into the vinyl version of ‘A Feast Of Consequences’ – not only did Fish have a hand in selecting the track order for the vinyl version, side 4 is given over to live versions of 3 tracks because the album itself only needs three sides of vinyl – the difference, I guess, between faceless corporate rip-off and someone who genuinely cares about the product they’re selling to their fans.

I must just give a dishonourable mention to last year’s release of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 1995 album, ‘Murder Ballads’ – 10 songs somehow requiring release on a double album, so we end up with (you’ll like this) 4 tracks each on sides A and B, 2 (one of which is, admittedly, quite long) on side C and absolutely nothing at all on side D – just a plain red label and not so much as a single groove in the vinyl. My gast was well-and-truly flabbered!

‘A Feast Of Consequences’ also contrasts favourably with another major failure: someone who doesn’t even appear to be familiar with the content of the album being responsible for programming the vinyl version. The vinyl version of ‘Feast…’ actually has a different running order than the CD so that it flows more smoothly through the vinyl sides; not much more thought, care and attention could have possibly been put into it. Award for worst offender at the opposite end of the scale so far goes to The Waterboys’ ‘Modern Blues’: not only a double album lacking in bonus material (sides 3 & 4 containing only a 10:23 track and its acoustic version respectively), but the track ‘Prelude To Long Strange Golden Road’ is on the end of side 2, with ‘Long Strange Golden Road’ itself being the aforementioned track that takes up the whole of side 3. Excellent planning! Not even on the same piece of vinyl, let alone the same side!

Then there’s just general lack of quality and a sense of the attitude ‘just chuck stuff out – as long as it’s on vinyl, they’ll buy anything!’. The Gaslight Anthem have been major recent offenders here: ‘The ’59 Sound’ is the noisiest piece of new vinyl I’ve ever heard (bought it in The States, so taking it back’s going to be difficult), and the (£40!!) ‘deluxe edition’ of ‘Get Hurt’ features a 3-track, 11:30 2nd record that omits one of the tracks from the ‘deluxe’ edition of the CD, and a gatefold sleeve whose inner is plain red. I’ve rarely felt more ripped-off.

All-in all, it would seem, with very few exceptions, the current ‘vinyl revival’ seems to be resulting in the inevitable corporate rip-off: “We’re at last back to at least some punters buying their music on a physical format, so let’s milk it for as much as we can, by a) releasing unnecessarily double albums so we can justify charging more for them [you can bet the artists don’t see any of the extra money], b) just chucking out shoddily-put-together, ill-thought-out versions and ride this bandwagon for all it’s worth".

There are, of course, non-Fish exceptions to this. The Led Zep reissues seem pretty reasonable, as does The Beatles stuff (although I’m not sure about the wisdom of using digital remasters for vinyl reissues), the reissues of the first two Oasis albums incorporated bonus tracks into the running order of the albums, and there are plenty of standard albums being released in the single-LP format they comfortably fit on to (Steve Earle, Deep Purple, First Aid Kit, etc). So not all bad, then….


Some excellent points raised there Mik.

Sadly as much as I loved vinyl in the day, I won’t be partaking in the revival myself.
Like you have pointed out the various reasons that you’re not happy with, the fact of changing sides regularly, the price, which I think in this day and age is an absolute rip off and also the space required to keep them, I agree with totally.
The one thing that I do love though is the album artwork, nothing beats that (especially if the lyrics are included on the inner sleeve or on a gatefold version)
I recently have bought some Led Zeppelin albums (III & Physical Graffiti) & was kindly given as a present Fish’s Feast which is superb, for this very fact.

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Great post Mik

I agree with a lot of what you say.
The price puts me off. If I could buy a vinyl album for £10 Id buy a lot more.

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Indeed. It seems to be that old capitalistic smash ‘n’ grab attitude and of record companies being totally clueless about the punters. They don’t seem to realise just how many units they could shift if they dropped the price just a notch.
Record Store Day seems to be the latest victim. What started out as a way of encouraging punters to support their independent local record store has, this last couple of years, become a corporate orgy of “how much can we sell this dross for if we call it a limited edition?”, as well as shutting out a lot of indy labels. There’s certainly not the interesting stuff to be had that there was pre-2014. And when they’re charging £6 and upwards for a 7" single, I’m afraid you can count me out.

Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End

The address where I should enter the download code isn’t available anymore so I can’t listen to this at work. :angry:

Yes - I recently had the same problem with the 2nd Vaccines LP. They’ve obviously moved their website and neglected to port the download page with it.

Tony Gerber - Secret Garden

Coloured vinyl and a CD as well among art and other stuff. I placed an order in winter, this was a crowd funding campaign to support Parikkala Sculpture Park. A friend of mine is a caretaker there.


not an album but this :slight_smile:



Hmmm… Strangely, amongst my fairly extensive collection of Fish 12" picture discs, this is one of the few I’m missing. Must track it down…

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This is an odd one.
I bought the recently-remastered version of The Final Cut last week (only because both of my other copies are a bit crackly), and they’ve added ‘When The Tigers Broke Free’ to it (between ‘One Of The Few’ and ‘The Hero’s Return’). I find this extremely odd for several reasons:

  • I’m so familiar with TFC that it’s really jarring to find the flow interrupted by the addition of an extra track
  • Whilst ‘When The Tigers Broke Free’ fits lyrically and musically with the concept of TFC, it was always a track from the film soundtrack of The Wall, and fits beautifully, in my experience (yes, I’m sad enough to have made a cassette of this back when I had time on my hands), between ‘Vera’ and ‘Bring The Boys Back Home’. Whilst it’s nice to have ‘When The Tigers Broke Free’ included on an album, to me it will always belong on The Wall.
  • I’d much rather that they’d added the full-length version of ‘The Hero’s Return’ that’s on the B-Side of the ‘Not Now John’ single.

I’ve got the original cd without ‘When Tigers Broke Free’ and noticed that on the Discovery remasters it had been included.

So on my portable music player i’ve added ‘Tigers’ (as i have a version of it from ‘Echoes - Best Of Pink Floyd’) into the running order on Final Cut, and youu’re correct - it just sounds weird and out of place. I’m sure that if i’d never heard the original then the remaster would sound fine and flow with no problem, but very jarring to listen to my amended version.

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