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Things That Depress Me

Going home :sob: :sob: :sob:

I was just getting into my morning sails across the lake. I want to live here.


Arrived home today from Skiathos. Didn’t want to leave.


I had exactly the same feeling coming home from Lanzerote

Going back to work tonight after ten days off. Shit, I hate the place.


Is it better in Norway ? or in Highlands Scotland ?

Is what better?

Everything is better in Scotland. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The utter shit-fest that is work at the moment. I’m so in need of winning the lottery. Life isn’t fair.

4 walls :sleepy::sleepy:

Quite honestly, everything at the moment and especially social media. I don’t include this forum in that, but it’s only really these past few months that realisation has dawned at just how much Twitter has a detrimental effect on my mental health.

I’m sick to the back teeth with Covidiots, antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists. Why does there always have to be hidden agendas and fascist regimes at work? It’s a pandemic. We all have to put up with the shite and take the restrictions on the chin. Having to show a negative test result to get into a large venue does not suddenly turn us into Nazi Germany.

The more I stumble on these tweets, the more I search for more and they make me so angry and depressed at the mentality and state of citizenship in this country and beyond.

So masks may or may not work, but how about showing some compassion and respect to fellow citizens and doing the decent thing?

I’m finding it harder because I have a couple of friends and work colleagues who have fallen hook, line and sinker for these conspiracy theories. Until this year I had a lot of respect for them but I’m just finding what they now believe in very difficult to square up.

Last night they were talking about the Nuremberg trials and making comments like ‘NHS are the enemy.

Excuse my language, but what the fuck have we come to?


All of the above is why i do not have accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

I contribute to this forum and the Marillion one, and that’s about it, and that’s the way i like it.


Exactly the same here. When a friend explains you that the vaccines are killing people and she has proofs :roll_eyes:… Tell that to my daughter !

After that, Norway holidays would have been the best for my mind and health.
It’s not completely over yet (I don’t believe in cristal bowls), but high probability (Norvegians are not stupid).

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Hi steve,
I throwed away FB months ago, and I have faith in this forum.
Even if I did not contributed a lot these last months, and my last posts were not very funny.

Take care you all. I hope I can meet anyone here some day if this shit we know can be cleared a bit.

But just at the moment : I’m just tired, disappointed with some hopes of joy and fun going away.
Just feeling I’m just good to work 5.30AM to 19:00 PM.

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I believe in the health workers who are struggling on the frontline of the pandemic and seeing it first hand. Not some random bloke doing his own ‘research’ who gets banned from YouTube for spreading misinformation.


Can`t be doing with fuckwits like those you describe, be safe and sensible etc. Appreciate that people get frustrated by a rapidly changing set of circumstances re. restrictions etc. but the petulant attitudes of some people beggars belief. I am gutted at the loss of my last two gigs of the year ( Amy MacDonald - tomorrow and Del Amitri on Sunday ). Thank fuck I got to see Fish last month.


I have the same idiots at work Paul.
Since day 1 It’s been the same for half an hour every morning, coffee machines are not far from my office so I hear the same two guys having the same fecking conspiracy discussions all over again, bitching on about vaccined folks and comparing France to North Korea and what have ya. Haven’t been involved in these discussions for months as there’s no point. I just wished all this ended.
Good news is that the loudest of these guys is working his last week here this week.


Well apparently the guy who I work with is expecting some kind of ‘great reset’ in January. This will affect everything in our lives and we’ll all end up living in a police state with digital I.D’s. This is the end-game for all this lab released virus and vaccination program. I don’t quite see the link myself.

I’m gonna hold him to this and on February the 1st I’ll let it be known that he has been talking utter bollocks.

You could always drop a pallet on the dull fucker or run him over with a cage before then. :rofl:

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Same as Steve, without the Marillion one and one Finnish music related site instead of that. Only use my wife’s Facebook account once a week to se FoF.

I believe I am better off without the opinions of idiots.


Wholeheartedly agree with that last statement.

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