Don't Know If There's A Gardening Thread, But Here's Another One


Looking tidy there. You will have to come up to Scotland and rejuvenate my garden. Plenty beers.:wink:


Really pleased with my garden. This is the most prosperous spring it’s been in 3 years.
Never had that many roses blooming, lemon blossom, this year 20 flowers against 3 last year, the vine is exploding with baby grapes, peonies are all doubling their flowers, really chuffed.

Strawberries are coming along nicely, beetroot and cabbage also :laughing: and the salads are doing well.


Shame we’re not able to upload short videos on this forum.


Just put new felt on the shed roof as it’s been leaking water all winter. Also given it a paint.

Ready for a wander to the pub now.


I “planted” yesterday some seaside stones and white gravel to replace two flowerbeds in front of my house. Got tired of weeding them. :blush:

(you can still see some snow in the right side of the picture)


My funny one , Miltonia


Wow. The colours are.beautiful!!


I forgot to mention my cactus the other day, that was doing so good this year with buds about to bloom. Was really looking forward to see the flowers.
Well that was before my tortoise flipped over the plant pot and ate a third of it. Doh!


Oh someone has eaten my only baby broccoli while I was away. Ah well, I tried.


Just taken drastic measures with my pruning. Possibly the wrong time of year to be sorting it out, as some of them were flowering, but no lie it was like a jungle, with no sunlight coming through.
Should have thought more about the planting when I bought shit-loads of shrubs from the garden centre about five years ago. Just basically shoved them anywhere and left them to take over. - Now attempting to shape them again into individual shrubs and plants, rather than one huge mass of leaves!


Not about the garden, but to feed the garden. What’s the best way to bring the water to the garden and the pool? You have the chance to use different taps.


Who’s got a swimming pool?!


Silke has a swimming pond with water lillies in it. But there is an area you can swim in it. 4 by 8 metres, 2 metres depth.


Grapes are growing well.


Someone’s eating my tomatoes, any colour and any sizes. I have no idea what it is and it is too late to put a net now, they’re all buggered.
I won’t be eating grapes neither, looks like they never got the strength they needed. Hopefully next year. Ah well.


That’s a surprise. Thought your grapes were looking good.


Just looked at my garden through my bay windows, it’s a fecking jungle out there :rofl::rofl:
Another month with this climate and it could turn into a wild safari park lol, seriously!


And all the animals around :wink: !


Had to cut my garden hedge today. Grown so much that it’s been affecting the signal getting to my Sky tv dish.