Favourite Song Of The Week!


la corrida - Francis Cabrel (heard on the radio this week)



Dream Theater - The Glass Prison




listened to few albums this week even if I didn’t post anything about it but…

where the streets have no name - U2



time flies - Porcupine Tree



Dreaming Light - Anathema



easter - Marillion (H’s natural version on the Friends,Romans DVD)



Still my favourite non-Fish era track, even though admittedly there’s lots I haven’t heard!


it’s a timeless classic…almost an anthem like “script” is



One if my favourite Anathema songs :wink:


Free your mind :joy: !!!
H-era isn’t the nightmare you might imagine.


Never suggested it was Steve! Don’t want to go over old ground here, but I’ve heard a lot from different albums, via YouTube. His voice doesn’t appeal. Nor does the music, but I’m by no means suggesting he’s crap.


fast lane - Bad Meets Evil



Thanks Lawrie for the reminder :wink:
I love the guitar in this song and the lyrics at this present moment!
I’ve never heard this version before, just brilliant :ok_hand:


Cheers Andy, I also love this track. Purpendicular is a great album and Steve Morse is a fine guitarist.



obviously :wink:

pariah - Steven Wilson



Time Table - Genesis

Think this is one of my favourite Gabriel tracks. I’m a sucker for a strong melody. Can’t actually find any videos of them doing it on YouTube, so here’s a tribute band!