Favourite Song Of The Week!



Songs of the week , cus I’m a greedy boy :wink:


That’s illegal!!



3D - Fish



Gap is too wide - Mostly Autumn


Hello Andy,
I had a look this morning at the old posts I missed on this forum.
I’m back in the years, when me and my brother were testing the speakers he made, with this one, aswell RPWL God Has Failed, and Pink Floyd.

God has failed. Sometimes, she cries. I miss my brother.


in exile - Pineapple Thief



Barricades Of Heaven - Jackson Browne


born in the USA (live from Paris 13 July 2016) - Bruce Springsteen




what a song!!!..the beginning gives me the chills everytime



a voice from the past - Marillion



Dreaming Light - Anathema



got another one this week

sunday bloody sunday - U2 (the amazing and beautiful version of Popmart - live from Mexico city by The Edge,alone with his guitar!)



I’m so gutted. The Joshua Tree is one of my all time albums. They’re touring it twice. Where? In Paris of course :angry:


I was lucky enough to see the tour first time round, the first of 3 times seeing them at Wembley Stadium in 1987, Zoo TV in 1993 and 360’ in 2009 a quality band live​:ok_hand::smiley:
Apart from when Bono goes all political!


Although I have every album I think, I was never that keen on the Zoo years and beyond. They kind of lost their way for me after Rattle And Hum, although they produced some good individual tracks since then.