Manchester O2 Ritz - 09 Dec 2017


Nah. :smiling_imp:
Sure Paul will turn Coca Cola into Glühwein.


Unlikely - even in a dream.


We all did. You was on the Blue Moon.


He started singing too soon :rofl:


Anyone done a reccy on nearby pubs and where we can meet? The Christmas market may be option for those with legs? - Need to know where I’m directing my taxi to!


There is a Wetherspoons less than 10 minutes away from venue on Oxford Street called The Paramount . Maybe that could be a meeting point ?
I’m in Manchester this weekend I’ll check it out.


You can be Navigator for the Ibis contingent.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Can I join the Ibis company ? :blush:


Just got back from Manchester and the trains are in chaos, strike action on the cross country service and just found out it’s gonna affect the train I was hoping to get for the Fish gig, as it’s not running now.
I need a rethink as I’ll have to piss about changing at Crewe now to get there for lunch time on the Saturday. :neutral_face:


Got my tickets today. Don’t seem to think there is any national disruption. Perhaps more localised. Time will tell. As long as I land in the O2 for showtime.


This strike is a right royal pain in the arse, as I’ve said before. I respect any worker’s rights to strike for extra pay, or as a response to unfair working conditions, but honestly it’s causing me no end of travel disruption and extra expense in the run up to Christmas. No sign of it being sorted yet and they’ve announced at least another 10 days of striking, with 3 days I think on Christmas week itself. It’s going to kill the town centre shops off, custom wise, as Arriva pretty much monopolise the bus services where I live.

Thankfully I’ll be in a taxi for the gig. Going to cost me around £70 return though!


Will you take the bus ? :wink: :grin:


No Marie, buses are always a last resort for me :wink:


10 days of strikes ahead ?…



Hope all goes well two weeks ahead ! fingers crossed.
As frightening as the perspective to have no pilot in the ryanair plane in the last minutes.

Have a safe travel you all, as cheap as possible in those troubled times.


You might want to start pumping that dinghy up Marie. :wink:


Yeah !! got my ticket ! :grinning:

#181 :blush:


You ll be missing!!


I’ve only just noticed that 10pm curfew! Seems rather early.