Misplaced Childhood - Deluxe Edition


Not if you live there.




Jesus tonight! Someone’s busy!


Vinyls done. Cd/dvd’s to go.


anyone got it ?



Call me a bastard, but I ordered mine from Amazon. I had a money off voucher.


Received today! Really very nice. Excellent quality package, with a good amount to read inside. - Like I said previously, I don’t usually go in for these special deluxe Remasters, unless the original sound quality is so bad (which I didn’t think it ever was), but thought I would make an exception with this album. Pleased I did. :thumbsup:


You’ll tell us about the documentary Paul :wink:



Well I’ll only get a chance to watch it maybe Sunday. It’s over 70 minutes long.


I’ll be doing nothing on Sunday so I’ll wait for your review :wink:



At the German Marillion Fan Club forum, they are talking about the good quality of the Steve Wilson Remixes.

And they are laughing about the parts of the documentary. There must be a secenery were the fives sit together and Fish is talking in the best Scottish and for instance Ian is makes a boring face about it.

We have to wait …


I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time ‘Lavender Blue’ has appeared on CD…


…Discounting the bootlegs! :laughing:


Wasn’t it on disc 7 of the Single Box Set Vol. 1?


Oh, of course! I was forgetting about that set. :nerd:


a member of a french Marillion forum seemed to have a problem when he received his Deluxe edition ordered from the Fish Online shop…who could he contact to try to resolve his problem (if it’s possible of course) ?

thanks friends :wink:



Basically the shop direct, available on their website. Either Elspeth or Simone would sort it out.


thanks Rab :wink:



The person I’m talking about sent 2 mails but no answer…can you post the right mail adress please Rab?

I’m trying to help him because I said to him the online shop was great and generally without any problems

Thanks mate :wink:



anyone ?