New releases coming up




Thanks for that. Had no idea there was a new album coming.

edit - just read my Burning Shed email. I was a bit slow this morning with too much to do in work.


No he was there with his French girlfriend who over the road having a meeting about a forthcoming art exhibition she is involved in, typical bloke as he went for a pint in the nearest pub !
We had a really good chat about things and as I said he is very excited about the the new release and I hope myself it pushes the band to the next level, which I think they deserve :wink:
I said they’d be playing the Albert Hall in 4 years time, he replied “I’ll hold you to that” :sunglasses:
He was very pissed off with the Liverpool result as he said his family home as a child was on the Anfield Road and was a massive fan.


this topic is useful to know about new releases.


Great story Andy. I know one or two folk on the Forum including yourself really like Anathema. What would you recommend if I was to give them a listen?


Well It was Steve who got me into them originally, so Steve it’s over to you :wink:


I confess I haven’t bought anything pre- Natural Disaster. Doom Metal scares the shit out of me. So glad they found their style.


I would recommend the Universal
CD/DVD though Lawrie, a sort of Best Of recorded live, both visually and audibly stunning.


I would say “Weather Systems”…a masterpiece !!!



So would I! :thumbsup:



very frustrating :grimacing:



What, that he’s doing Pink Floyd covers :joy::wink:


the cast of the next Ayreon album



When is soon?

fecking body is too short








Can’t wait for its release :grinning:


Steven Wilson - To The Bone (August 18th)