Poll: The Most Loved Fish Album


Very hard to say, each album has its highs and lows. But I have to pick one, so I pick the one that I still listen to the most, and that’s Sunsets on Empire. I love the powerful sound, and songs like Brother 52 and What colour is God? are among my favourite Fish songs.


I chose Vigil because after Fish left the band i wasn’t sure if it would work him being solo,however i bought the single and really liked it,then the album which i still play and have never grown tired of,and have seen him live each time he plays Glasgow,the vigil tour was brilliant to see the album come alive and though have bought all the other albums,this one just shades Feast as his best


A Feast of Consequences
Quite simply the best music and lyrics he’s ever done. The core of the work relates to a tragic episode in our history but it’s treated with respect and a degree of hope. Stunning.


I was going to pick Vigil, but on balance I’m going to go for 13th Star as it such a powerful and emotional album.


You should have allowed to vote for a Top 3, as it’s extremely difficult to vote for just one album. :smile:


I had to go with 13th Star, both because it’s a tremendous and consistent piece of work and because it was the first Fish album I owned after discovering him via Marillion a few years back.

Honorable mention to Field of Crows and Sunsets on Empire though. Strangely, for all the love most other Fishheads show it, Vigil has never really lit me up.


Sunsets for me. Tough though, but for me this is s ‘complete’ album where you feel from start to finish that you’ve been on a journey. Each track is a huge favourite of mine and whilst I love the other albums this one always stands out for me. l


Sunsets and 13th Star came really close, but Field of Crows is my pick. There’s something intangible about it about that disc from start to finish that really resonates within me


This was such a hard decision!! It came down to three or four albums in the end, but I have always had a preference for “Internal Exile”, perhaps because the title track just seems so personal.


For me it’s got to be Vigil, I know it’s a (was going to say cliché!!) obvious choice but even though I had a fair idea knowing how the album would sound given that Fish had just left Marillion I still bought the album blind (i.e. having never heard any of the tracks). I was totally blown away by the power and emotion of the opening track and the rest of the album didn’t let me down, from the grittiness of Family Business to the sublime Cliché to the beautifully delicate Gentleman’s Excuse Me (How that didn’t go top 3 I’ll never know), wave after wave of awesome stunningly crafted music.
Even now it’s a regular in the CD player and is probably one of 2 CD’s I play virtually every week (the other is Clutching At Straws).
It is almost certainly a blueprint for the album Marillion would have made if things had turned out different but I take the view now that we have two great acts to enjoy instead of one.


FELLINI DAYS !!! This is my favourite, even if Vigil is near the top.


13th Warrior, Raingods with Zippos, A Feast of Consequences are the best.
Vigil is the best of the best!
Thank you, Fish! :smile:You’re great!


Agree - “Fellini Days” should be done in expanded and remastered way. Dark, romantic, electronic sometimes - a lovely twist from all that prog rock stuff


It’s Internal Exile. So fantastic. Of course, nearly Album ist fantastic. Except of MIRRORS and FELLINI, I love every Fish Album. Most of them, more than the marillion Albums.


RWZ simply has the best flow from start to end and while it may not contain my favourite songs, it is my favourite album


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…but how!!! How can Vigil suddenly jump from 9 votes to 34?!!


13th Star for me too. Liked it when it first came out but after a particularly painful episode in my life it took on more of a personal relevance, the scars from which many of the songs still bring an itch to a few years later. Music that touches like that rates very highly in my book.
Indeed, Fish’s ability to convey feelings and emotion through his lyrics have stuck with me ever since the words “So here I am once more…” gasped from my speakers over thirty years ago.


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I like allt of the albums, but Vigil ist my absolutely best one, because i love the songs “The Company” and “Vigil”.