Some gigs coming up


Is there also a German audio guide available?


It’s mainly band members describing what you are looking at in the displays, so it’s in English I’m affraid Ulli.
I was speaking to some bloke who’d flown in from America just to see the exhibition who said it had been well worth it.


TP&THB Review


Cairo/Lonely Robot/Kelper Ten
Robin2 Bilston 17/12/17


Joe Bonamassa just announced some dates. Tickets for Cardiff (including booking fee) between £110 - £77.

Think i’ll pass.


Ticket prices are getting ridiculous, I’m not paying that amount either!!


Joe Bonamassa? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: etc.


Oh sorry, I thought Joe was having a laugh at those prices! Disgrace is what that is.:wink:


He played Cardiff several years ago and i can remember that he charged way over the average ticket price then, so it seems it’s nothing new for him. I passed that time as well.

Now i like JB but not prepared to spend £100 on him.


Tom Jones monday 17th
Sting thursday 20th
Jamie Cullum sat 22nd.


Justin Bieber? Would have thought money was no object?


At Stanley Clarke gig tonight with LoneRanger10 (Julian)


Steve Harley this Saturday!


Waiting for the support to start soon before Tom Jones comes up!


Nice setting! Enjoy Zaz!


Are your knickers at the ready Zaz ? :wink:


I’m already singing Green Green Grass. As soon as someone mentions Tom Jones, it immediately pops into my conscious.


How unusual Paul or not !


Waouh!!!..great place…enjoy Zaz :wink:



Now I have an idea where the seats are located :wink: !