Some gigs coming up


whats that about Lauri?


Here’s some information:

Edit: it’ll be interesting to see how much we understand of all the lines, but the main thing is that we want to see a play at Shakespeare’s Globe. :slight_smile:


Sounds intriguing.


You’re not on your own Lauri. We went watching the Tempest and I didn’t understand a bloody word of it!


Robert Plant & The Sensational Spaceshifters tonight in Perth. Cannae wait.:grin:


All the way to bleedin Australia for one gig?


You’ll love it mate he was superb, he’s got a great band .


Steve I’d do both nights!


Stone Sour tonight at Birmingham NIA
currently at the Xmas market on the stiens of beer .
Reminiscing the Fish gig with Rab a few years ago :beers::wink:


Jesus, I bet it’s freezing sat there.


Remember it well mate, loved the Company had a great time, would love to go back in a heartbeat.
:heart_eyes: :guitar: :sunglasses:


Queen tonight.


Fish setlist


I’m liking that alot :grin::grin:


Thanks Ian.:grinning:


Looks to be a great setlist, really looking forward to Glasgow :slight_smile:


Perfume River seems more like an opener to me, but other than that. :thumbsup:

Would have preferred a couple of Marillion B sides to finish.


Surprised there’s not The Company in there , unless that’s because his back’s still limiting the Dancing Bear


It was only a warm up gig … :wink:


Saying that he has been known to drop a song here and there for a couple of nights just to mix things up.